Unit 1: Climate and Weather

Why would you read or watch a weather report? How does it help you? What information does it give you?

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  1. Kaydon says:

    You would read the weather report to see if it is a hot day or a cold day. Using that information you could decide to bring a jacket or not. It could also tell you if its a sunny day or a rainy day.

    • David says:

      I agree that you would use the weather report to see if it would rain, but is the weather 100% accurate? I would not like it if I didn’t bring my jacket and it started raining.

      • Luke says:

        Yes I agree David that we look at weather reports to see what is going to happen today like rain, thunderstorms, and tornados so it will be helpful to see if it is 100% sure of it

      • will says:

        you would probably wear a light jacket any way david, it wouldn’t make sense if it was during this time of year to not be wearing some kind of jacket.

  2. iOS-Luca_v13 says:

    In kansas make sure there isnt a tornado before you step out on a soccer field ๐Ÿ˜›

    OR Severe Weather warning/watch

  3. natalie says:

    I read or watch or read a weather report so I know how to dress properly. Weather reports are good to read/watch because its good to know whats going on with the weather like is it going to be hot or cold snowing or raining? The imformation it gives us is determentral so we know whats going on.

  4. Anna says:

    I would watch a weather report to know what the weather for the day/week is. Knowing the weather is helpful because you know the appropriate clothes to wear that day/week.ย If it is going to be warmer that day you would want to wear clothes that you won’t get to hot in, or if it’s going to be cooler you would want to wear warmer clothes so you won’t get cold. The weather reports give you the information about how warm/cold it will be for the day or week so you can be prepared.

  5. Lizzie says:

    I would watch the weather to see if its going to be sunny or rainy. With this information I can dress appropriate for the weather. Example if it was snowing I would put on pants, a winter jacket, a hat, and gloves but if it was going to be sunny I would wear shorts and a t-shirt. Usually the weather can tell you what the temperature is, what it feels like, what the wind speed is, and if its sunny, cloudy, or rainy.

  6. Karlye says:

    In order to be prepared for upcoming events, for example: If you are planning a camping trip for later on in the week. It helps you because if you know what the weather will be like, then you will be more prepared for the event. It gives you information on what the weather will be like in the future.

  7. Michael says:

    If you watch or read the weather report, you know if the weather is good or bad. Then you could prepare for the worst or the best. It gives you climate of the day and week.

  8. Rosey says:

    Reasons as to why you would read or watch a weather report is because you want to either know what to wear or if its a nice day to plan an outside activity. Other reasons may be to see if you’re safe and if there is no severe weather heading your way. Ways it can help you is pretty much as I explained to check and see if its gonna be a nice day and its helpful to make sure you are safe from severe weather. The info it gives you is the temp, wind mph, and location.

  9. Payton says:

    I think it’d be a really good idea but some kids don’t like to read so maybe they’ll like the movie or video better? For some kids they think it’ll but and others don’t think that. But for me I like to watch videos or movies cause to me I feel like they give me more information and they help me more then reading it.

  10. David says:

    You would check the weather if you were going for a camping trip, and trip, or are going outdoors to do any activity. You would also check the weather if there was a severe storm approaching. By checking it, you can see if the day you plan to do something will be a good day for the activity. It will give you information like if it will rain, if it will be cloudy, or if there is a storm.

  11. Jerricho says:

    I like to watch the weather because it gives me a chance to see what it is going to be like. Reading it makes my head hurt. It tell’s me what the weather is going to be like because no one likes standing out in the rain.

  12. Will W. says:

    I would read a weather report to make sure it isn’t going storm that night. It would help me prepare for the noise when I am in bed, so i don’t stay awake all night.

  13. Shai says:

    If you read/watch a weather report you can prepare for the upcoming weather. For example, if it’s going to rain you would know to close the windows of your car or if it’s going to be a cold day you would know to wear a sweater, pants, and shoes rather than wear a shirt, shorts, and sandals.

  14. Valencia says:

    You may read the weather report to see if its a hot or cold day or a rainy or clear day to decide if you wanna wear shorts or pants

  15. Jayson says:

    To be able to stay warm

  16. Kenyon says:

    You would see if your going to have a storm or if its going to be sunny or warm or cold. Say you wanted to see if you could wear shorts but its warm right now but it could get cold later you could look at the weather forecast to find out. It gives me help pick out my clothes so i can see if i could wear something cooler of something to keep me warm.

  17. Mason says:

    I read or watch the weather channel to know if it is going to be sunny, rainy , or snowy. Like if you are going hunting you would not want to sit in the rain or snow you would want to bring a blind or not go.

  18. Violet says:

    The reasons why I would read or watch the weather report,so you know how to dress right before leaving the house and to know if it is good to play outside with your friends. The information it will give you is it helps you learn how cold or warm it is outside. It helps you know to dress like a coat,or a sweater outside.

  19. nick says:

    I would watch a weather report so I know if its going to be hot or cold or a storm.

  20. Marissa :) says:

    It is important to read/watch a weather report so you have knowledge on what the weather may be for that day/week. The weather may cause a change in plans, outfit, etc. This helps you because say the weather 20 degrees and you dress for 60 degrees weather. You’re probably going to be pretty cold. Or, say you accidentally planned a 6 yr. old’s birthday party in the rain. That 6 yr. old will probably be pretty upset. This is how weather reports can help us, in the best ways possible. It tells us what the weather is so we can work our day around that.

  21. Kaid says:

    I think that someone could see a weather report to see if they need to take immediate action to prevent a disaster. Or just so you know when to bring your coat or umbrella.

  22. adam says:

    i think if you would watch the weather channel you could see whats going to happen and also what to prepare for.

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