The Causes of Weather

What do you think causes weather? Think about what you know about weather patterns and weather reports…

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  1. will says:

    what I think causes weather is pressure, because the high pressure places are nicer and sunnier right? The water (rain),comes from the already evaporating water in lakes, rivers, oceans, puddles,etc. for instance, we must have low pressure outside because it is cloudy, in puposky (where I live) it is sunny because 1. the wind comes up off the lakes up the tree line and into the sky. 2. the pressure is usually high at my house. weather reports show pressure, which causes weather, and also shows where the clouds are.

  2. Karlye says:

    High and low pressure. Because high pressure causes wind to flow out, making the weather quite pleasant, high pressure usually means clear sky and sunshine. But low pressure causes air to flow inward, causing unsettled weather, low pressure usually means stormy and cloudy weather. Another thing that causes weather is warm and cold fronts. These fronts make the weather either cold or warm…. which causes differences in pressure

  3. Anna says:

    I think weather is caused by the pressure, temperature, cloud coverage, and the position of the sun. Where the temperature is cold or cooler, there could be snow or sleet or even hail. Where it is warmer if there is precipitation it would most likely be rain instead of sleet or snow etc… In warmer places it is also most likely that the sun is higher up in the sky or in just the right position to shine on that certain area of the world. Most likely were it is cooler the sun would not be shining there as much creating less heat. For the pressure… because of the pressure differences in places wind is created so it is windier in different places in the world. The wind is created when there is high and low pressure. The high pressure goes to places with low pressure crating wind. NOW for the cloud coverage coverage, the clouds can block the sun from shining meaning blocking some of the heat, and the type of loud can change the weather, the storm clouds usually create storms, rain, etc…

  4. Kaydon says:

    I Think pressure is the cause of weather. Because if you have small amounts of air pressure the weather tends to be cloudy and bad, and with high amounts of air pressure the weather tends to be nice and sunny. The weather is bad in areas with small air pressure because the air rises and clouds depend on that rising air to make rain. In high pressure areas the weather is nice because the air doesn’t rise it sinks and since clouds depend on air to rise to make rain, the clouds don’t make rain and in result nice weather.

  5. Mikey says:

    I think that it is the high and low pressure and warm front and cold fronts. Because the 2 fronts can make it warm or cold which can cause a differences in the pressure.The high pressure pushes the air down and moves clock wise and move out which means for nice weather for that day.The low pressure moves the air up and moves counter clock wise inward which mean for a not nice weather for that day.

  6. Kaid says:

    I believe that the weather is caused by high and low pressure systems, because when there is low pressure, there usually is going to be unsettled, stormy weather. With high pressure systems, there is peaceful, sunny, barely rainy if at all.

  7. Rosey says:

    What do I think causes weather? Well I think that weather is caused by high, low pressures and the sun. Mostly because as far as I’ve learned when there is high pressure its a nice fair day. But when there is low pressure its cloudy and stormy. Low pressure causes storms and rainy days by the hot air rising. When hot air rises air flows in causing unsettled wether. When there is high pressure cool air sinks and wind blows out causing the weather to be fair.

  8. Lizzie says:

    I think weather is caused by high and low air pressure. Where there is high air pressure the weather is more likely to be nicer and hotter. This happens because air leaves high pressure spots and the rest of the air sinks down, clouds need air to rise in order for there to be any precipitation. Low air pressure on the other hand is stormy and unsettled. This happens because instead of the air sinking the air rises creating clouds for precipitation.

  9. David says:

    I think the combination of the amount of pressure in the atmosphere, the amount of humidity in the atmosphere, and the temperature. I also the the air masses or seasons affect the weather greatly, and the amount of sunlight. So for instance, if one place was low in pressure, and another high in pressure, it would we windy between those two place, and if it was humid in an area with low pressure, it would probably be stormy, and if it was -10 degrees outside, it wouldn’t be raining. Also if there was a really cold air mass in the winter, there probably would not be a tornado, or thunderstorm.

  10. Kenyon says:

    i think the altitude im guessing, that when the the altitude rises the temp falls (it gets colder) and then the altitude falls the temp rises. but im also sure its the clouds blocking the sun which reduces the heat because theres no other nautural resources.

  11. Josh says:

    I think that evaporation causes weather. I think that because first the water evaporates then that evaporated water condenses into clouds that when the clouds get to full from evaporated water the water falls in the form of rain. After that the cycle repeats.

  12. luke says:

    I think of weather is when low air pressure and high air pressure pop up high air pressure is when rain are out high air pressure goes up words to the clouds and you can see the sun. low air pressure is like snow sleet and hail low air pressure goes down words from the clouds. When high and low air pressure meet it makes storms like thunderstorms.

  13. Violet says:

    What I think the cause for different weather is high and low pressure because high pressure is where the atmospheric pressure is relatively high, low pressure is where the atmospheric pressure is relatively low. If the weather is warm the isobars go clockwise and air leaves the high pressure area,the remaining air sinks downward and if the weather is low or rainy the isobars go counter clockwise and surface winds causes hot air to rise,which cause unsettled weather

  14. mason says:

    I think weather is caused by high and low pressure. when the pressure is high it is usually nice out side like no clouds and sunny. also when it has high pressure out side the wind flows out word causing the air to flow down and clouds depend on rising air to create precipitation. low pressure areas are usually rainy and stormy because of the rising air when the air flows inward. the rising air creates clouds to make the precipitation.

  15. Jerricho says:

    Warm fronts and cold fronts mixing and water evaporation witch causes rain. They use satellites to make an guess of were clouds are going to go and what the temp will be later in the week. Radar sends out microwave energy to detect things because it will bounce off solids and liquids to give a idea of whats in front of you.

  16. William W says:

    I think the atmosphere causes weather. the clouds also cause weather events. Also i think natural gases cause weather. High pressure and low pressure cause winds.

  17. Vinny says:

    High-pressure and low-pressure systems cause weather because high pressure is calm and sunny, low pressure is rainy and stormy weather.

  18. Carlito says:

    What I think causes weather is that air pressure is higher in one place than the other. Also, because warm fronts go over cold fronts and cold fronts wedge under it.

  19. mya says:

    i think air pressures (low and high) cause cause weather change,because when its sunny and calm out its high pressures but when its stormy and rainy its low pressure.

  20. sammi says:

    The weather system. high and low pressure

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