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Tell me what you know about human population. It could be how many people there are in the world, what is happening to the total population, whether people are evenly distributed around the planet, what the causes are for the population to change, what the effects are… At least four complete sentences.

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  1. Blake says:

    What I know about human population growth is that the population is growing at a faster rate then ever before with a current population of 7.2 billion people living on it. I know that the population is not spread out evenly across the Earth with some places having double or maybe even more times the population of another country on Earth. The causes for the population to change depends on the number of children born and the amount of people that die can all change the population. The effects of population growth is the Earth has a limited surface space and if we overpopulate we can potentially run out of surface area on the Earth

    • Jennifer says:

      The fact that people are not spread out evenly–does that affect resource use?

      • Blake says:

        The fact that people aren’t spread out evenly and how that affects resource use is that some places with very large populations are struggling to find resources meanwhile other places with smaller populations most likely have more resources so the larger populated area might look for help with the country that has resources and soon both countries might run out of resources and that could create a domino effect.

  2. Kaeden Lofthus says:

    Over 7 billon people live on this planet, in 2000 was born and we just went over 6 billion, in 1970 we had only 3 billion… this is a problem because we are limited to 1 earth, we haven only a certain amount of land that is habitable, only 2% of the worlds water is drinkable, More people-more need of food and water, More people-less food and water is available. There are “hot spots” of population places are higher population, look at china they hold over 1.4 Billion people over 1/7 of the entire worlds population.

    • Jennifer says:

      Any thoughts on how we can change the direction this is heading?

    • eejj says:

      If the population is over 7 billion people do you know the rate at which the population grows?, and if it goes over earths carrying capacity do you know of any plans to fix it?

      • KAEDEN says:

        The rate of population is exponential so there isn’t always going to be a certain number in which the population grows…. out carrying capacity is nearly reached, we could try and educate people of poorer developing countries seeming as though they are the highest population growth so far.

  3. isaac says:

    human population is growing and becoming overpopulated and crowded. the total population is 7 billion right now. the effects of population growth is overcrowding, more pollution, more needs and wants, and more fecal matter esc.. human population is a huge problem but we can’t stop it unless there is a apocalypse. The human population is expected to grow to 22 billion by 2025.

    • Blake says:

      I like this post except I strongly disagree with the apocalypse, are you sure there is nothing we can do to deceases the overwhelming large population and if there is can you tell us what are some options that we have?

    • Jennifer says:

      What do you think will be the impacts on natural resources if we get to 22 billion?

  4. Jessilyn says:

    Human population increases every year, by the year 2100 the human population will increase by 11.2 million. The rapid growth rate increase is mainly caused by a decreasing death rate(more rapidly by birth rate) and particularly an increase in average human age. By 2000, population counted 6 billion heads but however population growth (doubling time) started to decline after 1965 because of decreasing birth rates. In the world right now, there is 7 billion people.

  5. Laura says:

    I know that human population is getting a bit out hand in terms of numbers. The world is getting over populated and people are worried about the limited resources on the Earth, Oil being one of the biggest concerns that I can remember when I was younger. Adding onto limited resources, maybe producers are concerned over how quickly they can produce renewable products to meet demand? On a similar topic, global warming could be affected by an increase of population due to more people using various climate-affecting things such as burning fossil fuels. Other than that, I don’t really know a whole lot about human population growth.

    • Jennifer says:

      Do you think that if we solved the fossil fuel problem that having a larger human population would still be a problem?

      • Laura says:

        My immediate answer was no, but after thinking about it for a minute or so… Technically, part of the overpopulation problem would be fixed? If you look at overpopulation as “If we have too many people, there won’t be enough of (blank) to go around!” Then fossil fuel would be directly involved with overpopulation. Solving the fossil fuel issue doesn’t really solve the overpopulation issue, but it does take the panic of that and places it on overpopulation! So in a round-a-bout way, it does solve part of the main issue?

  6. Zane says:

    There is 7.5 billion people on this Planet, and the population is still growing, yet it is not evenly distributed around the world. The more the worlds population grows the more water and food is consumed which means well run out of it faster. Which then the population will start to decrease because people will start dying because theres not enough food or water for everyone.

    • isaac says:

      How do you think we could evenly distribute the resources among all people, rich or poor? Do think the world’s population will keep growing or do you think the population will level off? If so when do you think the human population will stop growing ? How will this happen?

    • Jennifer says:

      What are some other problems that people could have with out enough food and water, other than starvation?

  7. Matrix says:

    What do I know about human population? Well, humans are taking care of their elders more, and as such are making their life expectancy longer. It can be seen throughout medical history. People are living longer the more we progress our medical technology. At a social stand point it’s great news to hear we can help the sick and elderly, but at an evolutionary standpoint? Well… They’re more or less dead weight.

    • Laura says:

      It’s great that you took life expectancy into account. While longer lives do mean more discoveries, is this a good thing for the current population size and what is expected to happen during the future?

    • Jennifer says:

      Do you think at some point we will have to make a choice to stop taking care of our elders?

  8. eejj says:

    Human population is projected by the population divisions of the united nations to reach its peak of over 10 billion by the end of the 21st century. But these numbers are only projections so far many are accurate with the population increasing more than ever.the rate is also expected to have fluctuations due to rapid growth and fertility differences by 2020.

    • KAEDEN says:

      As we have gone through this whole population section in class we read that if population growth stays the same, we possibly will have 13 billion humans on this earth in the next 50 years, how do you respond to this and how do you think this would affect the earth as a whole, what would change? What could we change to stop the rapid population growth?

      • Dustin Harris says:

        Do you really think we could reach a population of 13 billion in the next 50 years? Because most articles i’ve seen so far have said we are projected to reach 11 billion by 2100

      • eejj says:

        my response would be to find a solution now before it affects the earth as a whole, in the event the problem can not be fixed the changes would be rising food and water costs until the point of mass famine across the world as to stop population growth i do believe we can not stop growth

    • Zane says:

      So eej for your last sentence what does that mean for everyone in 2020?

  9. Dustin Harris says:

    What do I know about human population? The current human population on earth right now is over 7 billion people. The population is still growing. I also know that in developing countries the birth rate is usually higher due to the level of education in some of the developing countries. I also read an article that said by 2050 the population will reach 9.7 billion and 11.2 billion in 2100.

    • Blake says:

      I’d like to know where you got your information from because in Isaac’s post he said the population would be 22 billion by 2025 that’s double the population you found in only half the years. I’d also like to know how you think a population of that size would be able to function?

      • Dustin Harrisa says:

        If it was 22 billion by 2025 that would be outrageous and we would probably have trouble functioning cause thats more than double the pop. we have right now in just 9 years… but 11 billion by 2100 would be much easier for people to adjust to and function as the pop. grows.

  10. shayne says:

    Human population increases every year. The rapid growth rate increase is mainly caused by a decreasing death rate. Right now there is well over 7 billion people and counting. The rapid growth rate increase is mainly caused by a decreasing death rate. Eventually in the future we are going to run out of our natural resources like food and water.

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