The Interior of the Earth

What would it be like if you really dug a hole through the Earth to China?

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  1. natalie says:

    Ummmm….. I think if we did it with the right matreials maybe but it seems a little unrealistic. Maybe in the furture but i don’t think people are that worried and or in need of it a hole that goes to china. But if we are being real no because of the ocean and the heat in the inner core.

    • Payton says:

      What do you mean by all this? I’m sorta confused. The ocean? What about it?

      • rosey says:

        I agree with payton you didnt really give us much about why the ocean makes it impossible to dig a hole to china.

        • natalie says:

          no need to attack me jk what i meant by that is that how would we get tubes down there with out water getting in the holes and it not bursting and killing people.

    • Adam says:

      Well,I do not think its realistic at any time.Just because of how hot it is in the inner core,you would just die.So I think even if you had a ton of gear you would still not be able to survive.

  2. Kaydon says:

    If you really dug a hole through the Earth to China it would be almost impossible to not run into water on the way, I’m not saying it couldn’t be done I’m just saying that you would have to dig really deep in the ground in order to not run into water. But you would probably find some pretty cool stuff like maybe some fossils or cool rocks. Also you might be a little cold because it’s so far underground. But you never know.

    • Will W. says:

      I agree that it would be impossible, but I don’t think waters that big of a problem, the biggest problem with going through the earth is the bedrock and the core, and IF you were trying to dig to the china you would probably have a ship with heat and oxygen.

  3. Karlye says:

    It would be impossible because as soon as you approach the core, it would get to difficult and hot to continue digging. Also I do not believe there are any machines that could ever be strong enough to dig that deep. My question is that if there was a possible way to do that…. how long would it take? Wouldnt It take hundreds of years?

    • samantha says:

      i agree with yoou karley because it would be to deep and hot because of the core. and i do belive that if it was possible you would have to dig so far and crawl so far that it could take someone 20years probley if it was possibile

    • Karlye says:

      To build off of my last post, I now have more knowledge on the different layers of the Earth. For the most part, my prediction was correct. One thing I would add to my post would be that the Earth has an inner core and outer core, and as you get deeper the density of the soil would get more compacted/hard. When you dig you would eventually hit rock that is almost impossible to pass through.

    • Vinny says:

      I was thinking the same thing because, in this investigation i learned that there was another material in the core that only seismic waves can go through, but I wouldn’t want to dig all the way to China because it would take years to dig and months or years to get back out.

  4. samantha says:

    if i really dug a hole from backyard to china it would be hard because i would need materials to cut tree roots and cloths to keep me from getting soaked from ground water and it would be impossbile because you would need to dig like a 1000 miles deep into the ground and you would need to crawl like a million miles

    • Kenyon says:

      i agree with you but to add on to your post the inner core is liquid and as you get closer and closer to the inner core it gets warmer and warmer.

    • rosey says:

      I agree with you Samantha! But whats wrong with digging 1000 miles? and crawl a million miles? its not going to kill you is it? also you didnt really define if it is possible to dig a hole to china.

  5. Josh says:

    I think that really I don’t think that we would be able to. I mean the ocean and the inner core are kind of in the center of the world so we would have to go through lots of lava and water, and I mean would we really need a hole to china?

  6. Vinny says:

    If I were to dig all the way to China it would be impossible because I would need all the materials to dig and it wouldn’t be nessesary because it would take a long time. Also you wouldn’t have food or water, decreased temperatures because of how deep you are inside the Earth. Unless you come across water but i doubt you will because, you would be so deep inside the Earth. Another way it would be impossible is because you have to dig under the ocean and its impossible to dig because of the hard rock below the Earth. But who would really dig a hole to China? not me I know that for sure.

  7. Adam says:

    Well from what I know from my elementary science class,There are different layers of the earth,can I remember all of them?No.But one thing I remember in great detail is the middle layer,and how it is basically molten lava,so I really don’t think it would be wise,to say the least.Plus you would have to dig for a very long time,and your body would get tired,you would get wet,and you would melt,considering the molten lava in the middle.

  8. Kenyon says:

    if i dug a hole to china wouldn’t i probably end up hitting pipes? id probably try to keep going by making the hole bigger in width but i believe that would be a lot of work and i don’t think it would take one day to complete it would take forever to make it there maybe so cool stuff from many years ago on the way down.

  9. mya says:

    it sounds kinda unrealistic, there isnt really any machines that would be able to dig to china..that i know of,but it could probably still be done, if people have the right materials. You would have to dig deep to avoid water, but it would get cold when you’re so far underground.

    • mya says:

      after this investigation i have realized that you would not be able to dig to china because the earths core is hot,it wouldnt get cold when you’re underground cause once you get far enough you will get to lava.

  10. David says:

    I do not think it would be possible to dig through the earth to china, unless you were really close to china. Even if we do develop the necessary equipment needed, there would probably be catastrophic events. Because it gets hotter as you get near the center of the earth, maybe with less oxygen, so we would need a space-craft like vehicle, and it would be dangerous. The hole dug might cause events like a lot of sink holes, and earth quakes, so I would not recommend it.

    • luke says:

      David why do you think it will cause sink holes how did you get this idea because i want to learn more about the sink holes it will cause in the earth how would it affect us in general

      • David says:

        I don’t know if it would cause sinkholes, but I’m saying it could. Because if we start drilling into the earth, and you drilled under a thin layer, there can be a cave in, or a sinkhole if it near the surface. Sinkhole can cause cause a lot of damage, it can even swallow a whole house.

        • Anna says:

          David, I think that is a great point, sinkholes could be a consequence of drilling through the earth to China. If there were sinkholes where do you think they would happen, closer to the digging site or farther away from the digging site?

    • Kaydon says:

      David I agree with you that it might be possible but its not likely. I also agree that we would probably need a type of space-craft vehicle to ride around in because of the lack of oxygen. But I don’t really understand the idea of a sink hole, because if you are digging so far down underground then wouldn’t it not cause a sink hole. Because when you google sink holes it says they are caused by water erosion. Can you gather some evidence or ideas about why there is a sink hole? I liked your idea about the space-craft vehicle though.

  11. Will W. says:

    Honestly, I think its impossible to dig all the way to china. The bedrock layer would be very very very hard to break through. Anyway if you got through the bed rock you would most likely burn up into dust, because of the heat of the center.

    • Kaid H. says:

      And I think your right as well because of the heat and the pressure, etc. Your also right about the layers of rock that humans would have to go through, not to mention molten rock that could burn you to a crisp in seconds. My question to you is how hot do you think the center of the Earth is?

  12. Jerricho says:

    If you know anything about the earth you would know it is made up of the crust, something and the cores, the outer core and the inner core. I learned this in second grade and thats how I know this, and this is further sported because of movies like journey to the center of the earth and mainly Core. what do you think, is it possible to tunnel to china or do you think its impossible?

    • Josh says:

      Jericho I think that its not able to dig a hole all the way to china. I think that its impossible to dig to china is because of what I learned from this investigation about how the core of our earth is liquid metal. I think that its good that you sited evidence but I don’t know if movies would be the best spot to get your science information from.

      • Jerricho says:

        I agree Josh I think some movies are not good sources but core is some things are fake in the movie like the machine they use to reach the inner core but other things they used would actually happen or that would like inside of the earth. so Josh have you seen core?

    • mason says:

      it is impossible because if you new then you would know that the inner core is made of magma or molten rock and the one you said was something is the mantel so over all you did a good job just that it is the mantel not the something. my question for you is do you think movies are the best source for your responds yes or no

      • Jerricho says:

        yes and no movies can over exaggerate things and make some things close to the original or what they should be. also I couldn’t think of the mantles name so mason did you know all the parts of the earth before we did this.

    • Marissa says:

      To answer your question, no, I don’t think it is possible to dig a hole all the way to China. What is your opinion on this? You didn’t really answer the question in your post. Also, the “something” in between the crust and the outer core is called a mantle. I’ll leave a link if you’d like a picture:
      Here’s another thing, I’ve never seen either of the movies that you listed but they do sound fairly good. Do you think movies are a good source for scientifical information such as this?

  13. Violet says:

    If you were to dig a hole from here to China I think it will be warmer as you get closer to the inner core because you have to dig deep enough so you don’t run into any rivers,streams,oceans,bays,and gulfs.You have to be careful were you dig at because you don’t want to run into any lava from a volcano or a disrupted mountain.Why would you want to dig a hole to China?

  14. Alera says:

    I think that you could dig a hole to china, but it would be impossible with all the courses you would have to go through to get to China. Some of the challenges that you would have to face would be like Water. I don’t think that you would be able to dig through without hitting a water spot or having the ice cave in while you were tunneling through. I just think that it would be impossible to do, but you could do it. Even while you were digging, you would go the wrong way. But what I don’t get is how would you know which way to go?

    • Kenyon says:

      your is very detailed and i agree with you but like i said in sams, some way you would feel the temp getting hotter and hotter because the inner core is a hot nickel iron liquid

    • Violet says:

      I agree with you Alera you would probably run into water or have ice cave in on you.To figure out which way to go you could use a map but you would have to map out the waterways too.But why would you run into ice along the way?

      • Alera says:

        I agree with your comment about having to use a map, Violet, But what if your calculations were wrong about where the waterways would be? How would you fix it? The ice could cave in while you were digging through the Mantle. Since it has a thin outer layer protecting the outer core, you will eventually become warmer and warmer the farther you dig downwards.

  15. jayson says:

    At the center of the earth there will be crystals, diamonds, emeralds, ruby’s, and gold bars. the center will be hot underground because the lava is hot magma witch has melted rock.

  16. mason says:

    digging a hole to china would be impossible because if you tried and got far enough down you would die of over heating because the center of the earth is full of magma and that is the stage before lava it is melted rock and if you even reached that part (you wont) there is so much pressure built up down there you would have just made a man made volcano ready to erupt when struck the center (you wont reach the center).

  17. Shai says:

    If we were able to get through the Earth’s crust. Isn’t the lithosphere below the crust? Would digging through it disturb the tectonic plates and they would then what would the effects be? Besides that if we get past them the journey would get warmer as we get closer to the core.

  18. luke says:

    I think that when to go to china you haft to go around the inner core because it is super hot and theres lava in the inner core so you would go around the inner core so you dont get burned by the lava and the hot ness and you would come a cross a lot of courses like caves and lava zones and more.

    • Lizzie says:

      Luke I agree with you about having to go around the inner core but there would be no possible way of getting to China. Even if you could dig all the way through the Earth you would most likely end up in the Indian Ocean instead of China. And gravity would most likely not allow you to climb up. Luke what are your thoughts about how you will get there like what would be the best way to dig? How many years do you think it will take?

  19. Carlito says:

    What I think it would be like digging a hole in the Earth to China is being a LONG time because you have to get through bedrock, and… That’s all I know that’s hard to dig through so… yeah. Also, isn’t there like this ball in the center of the Earth? Or nah? Also what would happen at the inner core? It would probably be hard for us to breath when you get deeper and not so much deeper.

    • Carlito says:

      Now that I have new information about the layers, I still think that you would not make it to China. But turns out there is an inner core, and other layers too. It would be hard to get through all the layers because the mantle can only take solids, and the core can get solids, liquids, and gases. That’s what I change in my comment.

  20. Nick says:

    I wouldn’t even try this because if i did i would die because of the lava thats there and would also be exhausted from digging i caring all the materials you need to do something like this i could also get injured if i accidentally touched a lava rock if i didn’t know it was or something

  21. will.c. says:

    well, you would die if you got too far down because of the pressure and the heat from the earth’s core, I wonder if the vehicle would survive the trip if it were say…..100 yards long?

  22. Payton says:

    If I could dig a hole to China I would study the climate. Is it different from ours? Why is the population so high or is that Japan? Is precipitation different? Does it snow? What’s it like? Why do they eat dogs? So many questions I would like to ask because it seems so different. Of course it is I know but why? Why is it so hard to learn English if they could? If I could I would study about climate, precipitation, and the stuff I would like to know. Since climate is changing so much here. How much would it change there?

  23. Mikey says:

    If you dig a hole in the earth you will go through many layers. Some of the layers are going to be hard then it is going to start heating up and it will be so lava. So I don’t think that you are able to dig a hole all the way to China. How far do you think you can go before you have to stop?

  24. Kaid H. says:

    First, you wouldn’t be able to get to China because you would be dead long before you even get to the center of the Earth because of the intense heat and pressure and molten rock, etc. Also, so far, no machine has ever made it close to the center. Wow. My question is how far exactly have humans dug into the Earth?

  25. Payton says:

    If I could actually dig a hole to China. Well I should be scared. If it really was I would take the risk. It would b scary because it’s probably a thousand miles away. It would take a long time. I know it would be dark, I would have to bring a lot of lights and food. I wouldn’t bring anyone cause maybe it’s to far and I die? I would go alone and take the risk. Maybe it would be cold so I would have to bring extra cloths or whens it rains so the ground could eat or drink. But I wouldn’t know where I would sleep? That’s kinda of a question I wonder my self.

  26. Hailey says:

    I think it would be impossible because it would be hot and you will
    probably need some sort of materials and you need to get past the inner
    core with all that lava? But i think it is impossible..

  27. Anna says:

    I believe that it wouldn’t be possible to dig a hole through the earth to China. The closer you get to the center of the earth (the core) it would get too hot. Also, some of the layers are too thick or strong that you couldn’t dig through them. Plus there probably wouldn’t be any machines strong enough to dig that deep. There wouldn’t be any clothes to protect people from the extreme heat either. I was wondering too… How long would the digging take if the equipment were to be created?

    • Anna says:

      Now that I know more information I wanted to come and add on to my original response. I still believe that it would be very difficult even if the equipment was created. I know that there are different layers of earth. I also know that the earth’s core is made up of iron. Otherwise we would not have a magnetic pull, and compasses would not work. It would also be getting warmer the closer you get to the center of the earth. I would like to know if the equipment was created, would we be able to get through the earth’s core?

    • Karlye says:

      Anna, I can see that you had a ton of background knowledge on this post, You did a great job supporting your claim! I have nothing to correct you on because all of your information is well stated and supported. Great job! I love how you thought deep about thus question and even included the kinds of clothing you would need.

      • Anna says:

        Thank you Karlye! I didn’t know for sure at first. Once we learned about it a little bit more I was surprised how much I still agreed with most of my original post. I’m glad you enjoyed my post! Once again thank you for the comment!

  28. Cameron Brown says:

    It would be really hard to dig a hole to china because we would need all the materials like shovel, digging supplies all of that and it would be kind of impossible because it would be kinda hard to dig because you could hit some water holes and the water will get in you would drown. But also you could hit some wires under ground and you dont know what it goes to or what it does.

  29. Lizzie says:

    If I could dig a hole to China that would be amazing but you can’t. First you can’t dig to China because of the lava in the center of the earth. Second it would take years even if you had machines. Third gravity will not allow you to climb up to get to China. Plus you most likely end up in the Indian Ocean instead of China.

  30. Rosey says:

    Well first off I do not think it is at all possible to dig a hole to China due to the fact that humans have placed things like sewers and pipes underground to help us transport water so it would be kinda hard to dig. Other very brutal reasons is depending on how deep you go you could suffer from oxygen loss especially because eventually if u do manage to get to the coast of the U.S. then you’d hit the Ocean and the Ocean goes 12100 feet as far as research goes but then again we haven’t even got devices that can go low enough in the depths of the ocean without being crushed because of the density so what good would we do down there? on top of that who knows how hot those lower layers will get.

  31. George says:

    Well to be real here you could never dig a hole to China but if you could it would be a amazing feat. The reason why is that the distance from here to China is about 6,817 miles which is a lot, it would take a very long time to get there. The temperature is to great for a human to be down there. You would really great tools for the job.

    • george says:

      I don’t really think you could dig to China because of all the different materials inside the earth plus the heat would be to much for people.

  32. Payton says:

    I couldn’t find anyone to comment on because everyone has different thoughts about it. But we all do know China isn’t under us. I do wish though. But I did learn some knew stuff about is. Tons of things are under us that we don’t even know. It would be vary hard if we ever did that. Even the biggest and best digging operations in the world haven’t breached the Earth’s crust yet and to even get close. So how could we? Maybe we could try, yes but we wouldn’t make it so far. I also found out that if we had an earthquake we’d probably die because the earth kinda moves and the waves would be crazy if you have a big earthquake. The core helps makes the earthquake more kind of every where. During the Earthquake large masses of rocks slide past each other making very powerful vibrations so now I know it’d would be very hard and probably we wont make it if it ever happen.

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