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Why are there hungry people in the world? Are there different reasons for different parts of the world, for example the United States versus Africa? What are some solutions?

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  1. Matrix says:

    I believe that the reason for hungry people varies on a scale, but each stems from a single problem. The government not doing enough to help it’s citizens. Think about it, the entire reason that was given by either Jennifer or that documentary (I can’t remember who said it) that we couldn’t send our excess food across seas was because the foreign governments wouldn’t allow it to happen. We can’t even give away food that’s past it’s sell buy date because corporations are afraid it will lead to a lawsuit of some kind, even though there is a law (that isn’t being imposed very hard or made known) that protects people who give food to someone else in charity.

    • Jennifer says:

      Do you think it is just the US government, or are other countries’ governments just as responsible? Or maybe in different ways?

  2. Blake says:

    The reason there are hungry people in the world is that they do not get the food supply they need for survivability. Yes there are different reasons for different parts of the world because the United States a richer country than Africa so we can import more food if needed unlike Africa. Some solutions include bringing food to the countries in need for free instead of having to pay when you import them, and provide countries in need with food.

  3. Zane says:

    Why are people hungry in the world? Its because people are greedy especially in America thats just how it is. Lots of places like Africa have a lack of food mostly because of there resources or they sell there food so the country has money which America is most likely the #1 buyer.

    • Jennifer says:

      What evidence do you have that people in the U.S. are greedy? Can you back up your claim?

    • isaac says:

      how are poeple hungry because of greed? how could we get rid of this greed the untied states has? how could everyone equally distribute the food all over the world?

  4. Laura says:

    A major reason of hunger in the world would be money/poverty. Some people can’t afford to buy food and whatever money they have needs to go to other aspects of living, which leads to hunger, In Africa, it would be a similar situation (money troubles) except on a larger scale. Ways to help solve poverty would be to create more jobs and raise minimum wage so that more people can work and earn more money.

    • Jennifer says:

      I like how you see the connection between hunger and poverty, and if we address poverty the hunger issue will also be helped. Do you think there is enough food for everyone if they had enough money to purchase it?

    • Matrix T. says:

      All some super good points Laura, but given what we have learned up to this point about how we could feed the world, is there anything you would want to bring up relating to money? Like how we could put the food that’s passed it’s best by dates on sale as opposed to just throwing it out?

      (In other news, the anti-spam for this post is “devour me”)

  5. kAeDeN says:

    There are hungry people in this world because of inequality between nations, people, Poor and Rich and more reasons similar to these, I would say a large difference with the US and Africa is fertile land. Africa is mostly hot and dry and the places that are not like that are dense forests, and then the US has a vast selection of land, including land that is compatible with growing crops that make money and are rich with vitamins. Solutions? there are many but not many that we can do… We could turnover and landscape places to farm (expensive) and we could export foods to 3rd world countries (also expensive and damaging to foods)

  6. Dustin says:

    I would say because there are a lot of people that are poor and just can’t afford the food they need. There might be different reasons. In countries like the U.S if a family or someone who really needs help could apply for some type of low income support. In countries like Africa it might not be that easy to access the support they need.

  7. eejj says:

    I think there are hungry people in the world because agriculture is not sustainable in different parts of the world and poverty and natural disasters play a part also, in Africa the reasons are different with food not very abundant in places whereas in America poverty may be the reason I think some solutions may be to create programs to combat hunger and spread awareness so more people can help

    • Jennifer says:

      What role do you think natural disasters play in hunger? Is this as big of a factor as poverty? What do you think could be done to reduce the effects of natural disasters? Lots of questions!

  8. shayne says:

    There are hungry people in the world because they might not have enough money to buy food or they don’t have a lot of food where they are. I do believe that there are different reasons for different parts of the world. Africa isn’t as wealthy as the United States. Some parts of Africa might not have access to get the food they need. My solution is that the United States can send food to countries that might not have the access.

  9. isaac says:

    People are hungry nowadays because the people and the government are selfish and nongiving. However in africa people are starving because of lack of resources, money and opportunity. some solutions would be for people to start giving food and stop wasting food.

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