Tell me about the earthquake you investigated!

Summarize in a paragraph what you found out about your earthquake.

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  1. David.C says:

    The earthquake I investigated was the 1964 Alaska earthquake, which is also known as The Great Alaska earthquake and Tsunami. The earthquake occurred in the Prince William sound region of southern Alaska, on March 27th of 1964 at 5:36 PM. The earthquake occurred on the convergent plate boundary of the Pacific and North American plates. The earthquake happened during the subduction between the plates, and happened because the plates slipped past each other, which is called a “megathrust” earthquake. The earthquake had caused Tsunamis, which combined had cost 131 lives, and $2.3 billion (which is $311 million at the time). The earthquake though had helped scientists further understand earthquakes, and helped further the Idea of plate tectonic, which was just beginning to be understood.

  2. mya d says:

    The earthquake that i researched is known as the Jiajing great earthquake, the deadliest earthquake in history, the plate boundaries its close to is the Eurasion plate and the pacific plate.It was located at shaanxi, china, on January 23rd, 1556 it came in and killed about 830,000 people, and destroyed every home and building in its way, in some areas it made crevices as deep as 20 meters deep into the earth.

  3. Josh says:

    The “Great Chilean Earthquake” occurred under the pacific ocean near the coast of Chile on a continental plate boundary on May, 22 1960 with a Magnitude of 9.5. The earthquake casualty rate in Chile is a low of 490 and a estimated high of 6000. It also caused Tsunami’s, they killed 32 people in the Philippiens, 61 people in Hawaii, and 138 people in Japan. The Earth quake caused 6 billion dollars in damage and if it wasn’t already clear this is the biggest recorded earthquake. I got my info from

  4. mason says:

    the name of my earth quake is the shaanxi earthquake of 1556. this earth quake is located in the shaanxi province in china. the earth quake happened in 1556. this earthquake is related to tectonic plates because it is in a major fault zone where 3 different plates collided it was the Indian Plate, Eurasian Plate and the Pacific Plate that collided. this earthquake was a disaster that killed 800,000 people which makes it the most devastating earth quake in history.

  5. vinny says:

    The Earthquake is called “Sumatra”. It was located in Indonesia, on December 26th, in 2004. The “Indo-Australian plate” was moving against the Eurasian plate, which was being dragged beneath the Eurasian plate, or the “Subduction zone”. The Earthquake caused more than three stories on a building to collapse. The Earthquake soon formed a Tsunami and the waves spread throughout the Indian Ocean, causing damage in the coastal communities of 12 countries, The Tsunami waves averaged about 4 to 39 meters high and they destroyed more than 250 coastal communities. About 170,000 people were affected by the loss of power in Banda Aceh and along the low-lying coastal plain to Meulaboh.

  6. Kenyon Burris says:

    i am doing the great chilean earthquake and it is known as worlds biggest earthquake at the megathrust of 9.5 i believe and it inpacked so many people it killed 2000-5000 people and left 2 million homeless it was caused by subduction in the north american boundary its was a clossal of a tzunumi and earthquake.

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