The Human Impact on Earthquakes

Where in the United States are earthquakes most likely to occur? What is the reason for this?

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  1. Lily says:

    Earthquakes will most likely happen in California due to having many plate boundaries. If you don’t have much plate boundaries then it’s not likely to happen, well they can still happen, just not mostly.

  2. Elijah says:

    Primarily on the Californian coast. Reason being that a tectonic plate runs through that area. Its not just because it’s on a coast. Virginia is on the east coast but receives less earthquakes because it is not located on a tectonic plate.

  3. Ally says:

    Earthquakes in the United States are most likely to occur by the West coast because not only the location of the tectonic plates but because of plate boundary. Even though there is activity along the coast the location of where the plates are make it uncommon for earthquakes to occur in that area.

  4. maddox says:

    I claim that California has more earthquakes than anywhere else is because of the plate boundaries near the west coast which is where California is located.

  5. Mya says:

    Earthquakes in the United States are more likely to happen in the west coast like California. Plates have boundaries and when two boundaries are near each other they more like to have earthquakes than areas that are not by a plate boundary. the West Coast is by the Pacific plate. what causes these plates to have earthquakes is transform fault. Transform fault is when two plates go a different direction from each other. One goes up and another down. The West Coast is more likely to get earthquakes do to the Pacific plate and transform fault.

  6. Lydia says:

    Earthquakes in the United States are most likely to occur in California. They are most likely going to occur in California because there is a transform fault that goes all along the coast. The fault line is where the two plates meet and the plates move in the opposite direction of each other which causes the earthquakes.

  7. Raegan says:

    An earthquakes is most likely to occur on the West Coast because of the faults along it. The Pacific Plate and the North American Plate meet to create a fault line, and the fault line could cause more earthquakes on the West Coast rather than the East. That’s why you see more earthquakes occur in California rather than an eastern state like North Carolina.


  8. briar says:

    I claim that from the book page p46-47 that earthquakes will most likely occur on the west coast. Because the east coast is right on the pacific plate line and the east coast or anywhere else probably wont have any earthquakes because there not on/in a plate movement or a plate area. the state that will suffer the most from earthquakes is California because they have the sanandres fault that could become loose at any time so they have the highest chance at having one.

  9. Frank says:

    In California, because of the all of the transform fault moving in two ways and all of the plate.

  10. Robert says:

    Mostly around the east and southern part of the U.S.A. There are plates that move by each other going parallel they stop and they move when they are moving it starts an earthquake.

  11. chello says:

    Most earthquakes in the U.S. occur in California because the placing of tectonic plates. California’s coast is on the boundaries of the plates juan de fuca and pacific plate.

  12. Amaryllis says:

    Earthquakes in the United states occur on the west coast because that’s where the plates meet. When the meet they either rub against each other (Transform Vault) or when one plate goes under the other (Subduction Zone).

  13. Allyssa says:

    Earthquakes are more likely to occur on the west coast of the United States than on the east coast and here’s why. There is a huge plate boundary that runs all the way along the west side of North America. But, this plate, the North American Plate, doesn’t have a boundary along the east coast of the U.S. so there aren’t as many earthquakes there. Earthquakes are usually caused by the movement of tectonic plates in the Earth when two plates rub against each other, and since the Pacific Plate and North American Plate meet right along the west coast, a lot of earthquakes occur in that area.

  14. cyrus says:

    I think that most of the earth quakes will happen on the west coast due to tectonic plate boundaries. That shift running along the west making most earth quakes on the west.

  15. Vaeh says:

    Earthquakes are most likely to occur on islands but, earthquakes can also occur far along the edges of plates along faults. Faults are cracks in the earth where parts of plate slide in different directions. They are most likely common near the edges of plates. Earthquakes seem most likely to occur in the west coast near California. Why? The Pacific and North American plates seem to move past each other and the faults slip, this must be why there are more earthquakes in California than anywhere else in the United States. Earthquakes usually take place in the Southeast because of the plates along the southern countries.

  16. Kyleisha says:

    In the West coast earthquakes occur more because they are by tectonic plates, then the East coast is not located by any tectonic plates.

  17. Kashauna says:

    Earthquakes in the U.S. are most likely to occur in California because that is where the tectonic plates meet. The plates meet along the West coast.

  18. susan says:

    I think that the most likely place earthquakes happen is in California because California is right at the place where 2 plates meet. This is also the reason that there is a higher caution for large earthquakes because there is an unusually long fault running through the state.

  19. Lexi says:

    Although earthquakes can occur anywhere, the places that earthquakes occur the most in the U.S. are surrounded by plate boundaries. For example, California is near more plate boundaries so you’re more likely to hear about earthquakes in California than in Minnesota.

  20. Joshua says:

    Most earthquakes in the U.S. are in California dew to the edge of a tectonic plate just of the cost of California. California is at the edge of the “Juan de fuca” and “pacific” plates.

  21. Cedric says:

    Most earthquakes tend to happen in California, this happens because the pacific plate is very close to the coast of California, so when it collides with another plate it will result in a earthquake.

  22. Samara says:

    I claim that earthquakes are most likely to happen on the West coast. My reasoning is that the west coast is on the edge of the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate. The location of the plates matter, because on the edge of the plates there tends to be more action caused by the plates rubbing against each other. Those are my reasons for why the west coast gets more earthquakes.

  23. Eben says:

    In California is the most common place for earthquakes to happen because of how there is many tectonic plates right next to each other. The other reason is that California is in a greater risk for the earthquakes because of the plates being in the transform fault.

  24. Grace says:

    In the United States earthquakes are most likely to occur in California of near California.The reason why earthquakes don’t occur as often in other states is because of where the plates are set and also how they move around.The plants can move around and different ways they can shift levels and move forward and backwards.

  25. Nariah says:

    The most earthquakes that occur in the US would be California. They occur most often in California because of transform fault. Transform fault is were two plates slide together and get stuck then it repeats and every slide causes an earthquake.

  26. Shae says:

    I claim that earthquakes happen along the West Coast the most. They happen here due to the fact that along the coast there are fault lines, such as the San Andreas Fault, that push against each other, causing massive vibrations, which make earthquakes.

  27. daniel says:

    A Lot of the earthquakes happen around the coasts of cities. Most that happen around the coast is because of the plate that are rubbing up against each other.

  28. Kiara says:

    California is where earthquakes mostly occur because California is on the edge of the tectonic plate. The reason is the plate boundary which is located in California. It can also be caused by transform fault which is when plates slide in different directions.

  29. Cade says:

    “Where in the United States are earthquakes most likely to occur?”
    I believe that the earthquakes are caused by the plates rubbing or hitting each other around the California area.
    “What is the reason for this?”
    The reason being that the California area is where 2 plates meet/collide so in this citie is on the edge of the plates.

  30. Aji says:

    Most earthquakes happen around California because there is more than one plate in this area. The plate probably slip all the time because of the pushing force causing earthquakes.

  31. Aurora says:

    Earthquakes will most likely happen in California because of the plates boundaries. The less plates boundaries earthquakes won’t occur as much if they had more plates boundaries.

  32. ReAnn says:

    Earthquakes mostly happen in California. The earthquakes in California are where there are the Subduction Zones and the Transforms Faults at the area and the plates of their boundaries, but I think there had been seven earthquakes that had happen at United States of the average of fourteen years ago.

  33. glenn says:

    I think that more earthquakes would occur more often in California because they’re closer to tectonic plates subduction Zone and there’s more friction to the tectonic plates. That makes it more dangerous, stay indoors.

  34. conner says:

    Earthquakes are most likely to occur in California because of the San Andreas fault line. If this fault breaks it would be rather bad for California. Since it is a coast state which are proven to be more prone to earthquakes. The subduction zone is also a part of why California is prone to earthquakes the subduction zone is the area where two plates rub against each other causing small earthquakes.

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