Ode to Bon Jovi

When my friend Deb and I would run together, whenever we got to the halfway point in a run or a race we would belt out the chorus to Bon Jovi’s hit, “Living on a Prayer.” (If you don’t know the song you should look it up on YouTube from the rock you must be living under.) Anyway, we are almost halfway done with the school year! Here are some exciting things that have been happening in my part of the Science Department:

  • 8th grade Earth Science has ripped through rocks and minerals, landforms, our amazing changing Earth, and are now are learning about fossils, which is always a hit.
  • EnviSci have done some in-depth looking at climate change, especially through the lens of indigenous people in the Arctic. They are also finishing up their Science Fiction projects, based on novels that they chose. Really interesting connections between sci-fi and real science!
  • APES students have gone on some kick butt field trips, asked a ton of thought-provoking questions, and covered a lot of material. They are working hard to prepare for the exam on May 10th.
  • Envirothon is booming! We have lots of new members and are having fun and learning about forestry, soils, aquatics, and wildlife. We are awaiting the announcement of the oral presentation scenario this month.
  • TEAMS–this is a new thing! Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science. It is a competition that combines APES and Robotics. Our competition is February 15 so we have lots of work to do to prepare for our debut.

The years go fast, and this one is no exception. Thanks to all the students who make it a joy to go to work every day!

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