How do you usually react when you like something? How about when you don’t like something? How will using mindfulness change those reactions?

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  1. Nolan says:

    when i like something i keep doing it and then when i don’t like something i stop doing it and never do it again. using mindfulness might change my perspective of what i like and what i don’t like.

  2. Leola :D says:

    When you like something, you usually have a good reaction to it, like smiling or laughing or feeling good. If something bad happens, you can have a negative reaction, such as getting angry, feeling sad, feeling annoyed, and you can react negatively by yelling, hitting, or closing yourself off. Mindfulness can help you choose a better course of action in reaction to a something negative happening. Instead of yelling, you can take a moment and think about what’s happening and respond accordingly.

  3. Dustin says:

    When you don’t like something you might react in an upset way that expresses that you are upset are don’t enjoy it… But you have to be mindful of other people cause they might like what you don’t and if you show them you don’t like it you might upset them too. When you like something you usually will probably appear happy and show signs that you like it.

  4. Cameron says:

    When i like something i would be really happy and excited because the thing i would alway want or something i would like to get and told someone and they got it for me. I would be really happy and try do to something to pay them back. When i don’t like something ill start getting a really bad attitude or saying things i don’t mean to say to people and it gets them upset. Using the mindfulness things we do in class can prevent that like talking to someone about or take 10 minuets out of work time just to calm down. Take some time to think before doing something or saying something.

  5. Ayana says:

    I usually get super happy when I like something, and I’ll make a lot of comments on it (good ones). And when I don’t like something I will catch an attitude. Using mindfulness will help me be more calm about things and more mellow about it.

  6. Carlito says:

    How I usually react when I like something is having the need to want it. Such as like if there is new shoes, I want it. Also, if there is a new movie coming out that I’d like to see, I wanna go see it. How I react when I don’t like something is by ignoring the thing or the person. You know, like not trying to do what you don’t like. How using mindfulness can change these reactions is by thinking about the outcome, kind of. Because sometimes you have to do things you don’t like to get things done.

  7. Josie says:

    When I like something I usually take the time to enjoy that thing I like, or I show how I like it with a smile and excitement. When I don’t like something I usually show that I don’t like it, in different ways depending on what it is. Mindfulness, helps us react less to those emotions or helps to fully enjoy those moments. Such as if you just got upsetting news instead of reacting solely on what happened, you can think about it more and then react. If it’s something you like, mindfulness can help you focus on the now and not the stresses of the future or past.

  8. says:

    When I get 50 bucks i get excited because of many new opportunities that open up. When say I do something bad and i get my computer privileges away and then I become REALLY SAD. using mindfulness will prevent me from losing privileges so I won’t have to be sad

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