The Causes of Weather

Think about what you know about weather patterns and weather reports. What do you think causes weather?

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  1. Amaryllis says:

    I think weather is maybe caused by how the Earth revolves around the sun in a way because since it moves around it, since the sun shines in different places on Earth at different times it could cause it to change.

    • Amaryllis says:

      I claim weather is caused by many ways, for example like condensation, precipitation, evaporation, ect. With condensation it is when water vapor turns into liquid. When there is precipitation it is rain, snow, sleet, hail, ect. With evaporation its when liquid turns into water vapor and goes into the atmosphere.

  2. Lydia says:

    I think that air masses, cold fronts, warm fronts, and varying amounts of pressure in the atmosphere causes weather to change. I claim this because when two air masses collide it causes bad weather. When a cold front comes it brings cold and stormy weather. When a warm front comes it brings warm and fair weather. Low pressure produces condensation which creates clouds and high pressure does not produce clouds so there is fair weather and no precipitation.

    • Lydia says:

      I claim that the water cycle is a huge factor in what causes weather. My evidence is when there is warm weather, the water is going to evaporate. Then the water will condensate and form clouds. When the temperature is colder and there are clouds, there will most likely be precipitation.

  3. Allyssa says:

    I think weather depends on the atmosphere and the sun because weather is in the atmosphere and the sun can make it hot and dry. The weather will likely be hot and dry if the air is less dense and has a low humidity. Different air masses in the atmosphere can affect the weather. If there is a cold front coming in, the temperature will probably decrease, as the temperature would increase with an incoming warm front. Weather also depends on the geographic location. There probably wouldn’t be much snow in the tropics because they have a hot climate there.

    • Allyssa says:

      I claim weather is caused by fronts, the sun and/or the way Earth interacts with the sun, and the water cycle. I think weather is caused by fronts because if a cold or warm front is coming in the temperature will most likely drop or go up a few degrees. The way Earth revolves around the sun is also one of the main factors because the sun gives off heat and depending on which way Earth is tilted, there could be a cold or hot season that typically has the same weather. The water cycle affects the weather because it causes humidity, and precipitation.

  4. Samara says:

    I claim that the movement of air causes weather. My evidence is that when air sits for a while down at the Equator a tropical air mass is created. Also, clouds are formed when air is pushed upward. Finally, a front is where one air mass overtakes another air mass.

    • Samara says:

      I claim that the water cycle and the movement of air causes weather. My evidence is when water evaporates wind moves it around to a new section of the Earth. Also, low and high pressure zones and caused by air. The pressure zones can create less or more rain fall depending upon if it is a low or high pressure zone. An air mass can bring different weather depending upon the amount of water that is stored within its boundaries, for example continental air masses bring less water as they form on continents where there is less water.

  5. Kyleisha says:

    I claim that what causes weather is depended on where you are located at, or if you are having a cold or warm front. The two fronts can go on top of one another and cause bad weather. Low fronts create condensation for clouds.

    • Kyleisha says:

      I claim that weather is caused by what season we’re in, the water cycle, as well as fronts. The way that seasons tie in with weather is for example say it is winter, where ever you are located on earth like Minnesota you’re going to get snow, on the other hand in Texas most the time there isn’t any snow. The water cycle has the biggest role in weather. Depending on what stage it is in such as in a cloud, you could get rain or snow. Fronts explain themselves in a way. Cold fronts have cooler weather, warm fronts have more drier warmer weather.

  6. Lexi says:

    I claim that the weather is based off of how the earth rotates around the sun. My evidence is how the seasons and weather changes as the year goes by. In a year we revolve around the sun once and in that year the seasons change as the weather changes. For example; when it gets colder outside we have the season winter and when its warmer outside we have the season spring.

    • Lexi says:

      I claim that weather is caused by how the earth rotates, fronts, and the water cycle. My evidence is that when the earth rotates we get different amounts of sun. This causes the temperature to change and is why we have different seasons in a year as we rotate around the sun. Cold and warm fronts can also cause the weather because when we have a cold front colder weather is heading our way when we have a warm front we have warmer and more humid weather. And lastly the water cycle takes a big place in weather. During the water cycle water can go through many different states (ex: gas and liquid) when this happens we can experience different types of weather. If there is a lot of water vapor in the air the weather will probably be humid. Also when water condenses cloud and is a liquid if there is enough clouds we can have rainfall.

  7. Mya says:

    I think weather is created by temperature, pressure, type of air mass, and fronts. when a area has a low pressure area there is more likely to be stormy because air is going in towards the area making the air rise up which clouds depend on and if the air mass that is either there or coming towards them is warm and moist, the precipitation will drop from the clouds or rain

  8. Raegan says:

    I think that many factors such as our atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere can affect our weather and cause certain events. We as humans can also affect our weather because of dangerous ways to get resources, which could cause events like earthquakes. My evidence is the various events like oil rigging causing earthquakes, and how certain things in the atmosphere can affect our weather. Our hydrosphere can greatly affect our weather because precipitation needs water, and if we don’t have any (we couldn’t live ), it couldn’t rain, snow, or hail.

  9. susan says:

    I think that landscapes and previous weather patterns cause weather. for example, around lakes it is very windy and cool whereas in field areas the air is still and if it has been cloudy and humid it wouldn’t been a surprise if it started raining.

    • susan says:

      Weather is caused by a variety of different factors. Some of these factors include the type of air mass or front occurring and what has been happening in places close by. For example, warm fronts will cause warmer temperatures and light weather or if it has been raining in a place close by you can expect it to rain soon.

  10. Eli says:

    I believe that the evaporation of water forms clouds, and when too much water evaporates it causes rainfall, as well as potentially thunder. I also know that pressure effects weather as well as warm and cold fronts.

    • Eli says:

      My initial blog post was not entirely wrong, however I have learned more details on the subject. For instance, temperature affects air pressure which in turn affects weather. Heat allows air to expand, and cold makes air dense. In addition, cool air rises as it expands, thus it forms clouds. My original statement on clouds and rain was mostly accurate, evaporated air does condense into clouds, and saturation causes rain.

  11. Ally says:

    I claim that weather can be caused by other weather in a different area. Other factors such as air pressure, air masses, wind speed, cold fronts and warm fronts can throw off the predicted forecast.

    • Ally says:

      I claim that the water cycle, the sun and fronts determine the weather. The sun is what in some stages of the water cycle determines what state the water is gonna be in and where it travels. Warm or cold fronts in an area can also determine what state the water is in for example either a liquid, gas or solid. Also warm and cold fronts can determine how humid it is or how dry the air is in an area.

  12. Eben says:

    In my opinion the wind causes the weather to change, because when you see a storm coming it could change direction because of the wind or the storm would vanish. The weather can also be changed when clouds are formed, the clouds could get big enough to cause friction to create thunder and lightning, the water in clouds could be condensed to create water droplets, or when the temperature is really low it could cause the condensed rain to freeze which can cause freezing rain and snow.

  13. Lily says:

    I believe that weather has to be made by fronts or air masses, like how cold fronts and warm fronts come together either way it’ll make some type or weather, that’s what I believe though I’m not sure if it’s true.

    • Lily says:

      I claim that evaporation makes rain because the water droplets condense into the cloud, then a large droplet would fall fast and collect other smaller droplets which will cause rain. Other weather is caused by warm or cold fronts. The type of weather warm fronts cause are: gentle rain, or light snow. Cold fronts cause: heavy rain, sometimes hail, thunder, and lightening.

  14. Cedric says:

    I claim that weather is caused by the rotation of the Earth and certain cycles, my evidence is that the Earth spins while orbiting the Earth. When the Earth orbits each side of the globe will get a different type of weather, as the Earth orbits farther away then the part of the earth facing away from the sun will experience Winter while the side facing the sun will go through summer. Evaporation of water that eventually rises helps form rain clouds.

  15. Nariah says:

    I claim that weather is caused by cloud precipitation and what kind of front it is caused by. Say a cold front hits then the weather will have more rain and more cloud cover which produces rain. My evidence is this is what I think about weather and how weather happens.

    • Nariah says:

      I claim that weather is caused by patterns in the weather cycle. Weather reports show what might happen in the future like they tell us if there will be a storm or not. My evidence is this is what I learned in class

  16. briar says:

    I claim that weather patterns are measured from space by satellites showing clouds moving and and what type of clouds. Weather reports come from meteorologists looking at the sky and above the sky to be able to predict what type of weather is going to happen. I think the cause of weather is the clouds moving and the temperature that it currently is in that region will depend on if it rains,snows, or a natural disaster occurs.

    • briar says:

      I claim that weather comes from precipitation and the type of front that is occurring. a cold front will cause rain and humidity. a warm front will cause freezing and more moisture to happen.

  17. Frank says:

    I claim that when L pressure comes in they make clouds that let snow, rain, and thunder come. Fronts also play apart in this because when a warm front go’s over the cold front that makes the cold front close to the ground then its colder close to the ground.

    • Frank says:

      I claim that what causes weather would be High pressure and low pressure because if they meet they can cause clouds and can get cold close to the ground. The water cycle can cause rain to because rain just go’s around and around in the water cycle

  18. grace says:

    I claim that weather is caused by warm fronts and cold fronts colliding together but that’s mostly for weather like crazy storms. Different areas on a map could have areas that are called Maritime polar and continental polar maritime polar is mostly wet and cold and then for continental polar is dry and cold. If you are looking at a weather map it would help a lot if you know how to read a weather map because there is many things that could give you a lot of information like what people use to measure temperature and what a cold front and also what a warm front is.

    • grace says:

      I claim that the water cycle has a big effect on what causes weather. In the water cycle, there is a thing called evaporation. Evaporation is when the little water drops from the ground or plants float up into the air then turns into condensation then the condensation turns into clouds and that’s how clouds are formed. Things like rain, hail, and snow are formed by when the cloud that’s holding it cant hold any more water. Another thing that affects the water cycle is maritime polar and these things that are called air masses. If there is a big storm that happened that is caused by when a cold air mass and a warm air mass collides together. I feel like that when people hear about air masses colliding they just think that they turn into one big air mass but that is not true.

  19. Robert says:

    I claim that low pressure are making it snow or rain. High pressure are making it sunny, or sunny and cloudy. Weather reports shows us what is happening right now, weather patterns shows us what kind of storm, if it’s sunny or cloudy, or if it’s gonna be snowy

    • Robert says:

      I claim that high and low pressure causes weather. When low and high pressure it causes snow, rain, or wind. Warm front makes it sunny and cold front makes it rain, snow.

  20. Maddox says:

    I claim that low pressure makes it rain or snow high pressure might make it sunny or cloudy. I think cold or warm fronts make weather happen even if it is a light rain or a heavy thunderstorm.

    • Maddox says:

      I think weather is caused by when cold and warm fronts collide and it depends on what fronts collide either one will have a storm. And it is differed by ho much pressure there is in that area.

  21. chello says:

    I claim that weather is the outcome of the earths rotation, for example Bolivia is in the tropic zone by the equator. This means that it will always get more sun than Antarctica that is in the polar zone. This means that it will be much hotter and dryer in Bolivia while Antarctica due to the lack of sun is cold, snowy, and wet.
    America is found in a temperate zone which means that it is in-between the tropic zone and the polar zone, this means that large Hi pressure air bodies (or warm air bodies) can carry over from the tropic causing the south to be warmer. And meanwhile Lo pressure (cold) winds come from the north. When these two types of different pressure air bodies collide it can cause a warm/cold front.

  22. daniel says:

    What I think causes the weather is all the warm and cold fronts that come over places and hit each other and causes storms. Because when the fronts clash they create a type of cloud that can become a storm.

    • daniel says:

      What causes the weather is all the warm and cold fronts that come over places and hit each other and causes storms. Because when the fronts clash they create a type of cloud that can become a storm.

  23. Conner says:

    I claim that weather and fronts are related. Cold fronts are areas of cold air that collides with a warm front that typically causes precipitation, either snow or rain. Warm fronts usually cause mild precipitation, sunny weather and clouds. When the two fronts collide that creates weather. Low pressure produces condensation condensation creates clouds which makes fair weather.

  24. Cade says:

    I think that evaporation causes weather pattern because there are more severe weather events near the ocean or by large bodies of water. But on land, their are not as severe storms. If you look at the hurricanes that have happened they don’t come on the land very far they stay where they can collect evaporation and other moisture in the air so they can live longer.
    Us on the mainland get tornados they are like mini hurricanes. They are not
    as severe because there is less water in the air.

  25. Josh says:

    Weather is caused by conflicting air masses and high/low air pressure and different humidity levels. For example, different humidity levels along with rising air causes clouds to form. Another example is that wind blows from a high pressure air mass, to low pressure air masses.

  26. Kiara says:

    I claim that weather is caused by the water cycle, cold fronts, and warm fronts, my evidence is that in the water cycle there is precipitation and humid air. When cold and warm fronts crash into each other they explode with maybe rain or snow. Stratus clouds form light rain or snow as well. Also temperature can effect the weather too when heat gets larger and cold air get smaller or dense.

  27. john says:

    I claim that rain is made when you see clouds in the sky, and if a cold front and a warm front is colliding together after the cold front goes over the warm front. When you find a low pressure located somewhere, that means there will be a thunderstorm, strong winds, or snow storms.

  28. Conner says:

    I claim that the water cycle is related to weather. Water evaporates into water vapor and forms clouds, clouds especially cold fronts cause snow and warm fronts cause rain and sometimes thunderstorms . Rain flows into rivers, lakes and oceans to then evaporate and the cycle begins again. My evidence is meteorologists have proved it by observations of weather patterns.

  29. glenn says:

    I claim that when cold fronts and warm fronts collide either bad weather like thunderstorms, hail or normal weather like rain. Also, the water cycle is a cause of weather because it’s a infinite circle of when water vapor falls as precipitation into a lake or an ocean and then evaporates up to clouds the vapor condenses and then the cycle repeats.

  30. Gaven says:

    I claim that the fronts and changes in air pressure cause weather. My evidence is because when warm and cold fronts collide they cause weather to happen like snow, rain, thunder, and lightning. This happens because the warm front goes over the cold front causing different kind of stratus clouds to form like normal stratus clouds nimbostratus clouds and cumulonimbus clouds. The water cycle is also a cause of weather because it falls as rain and it flows into river and it also soaks into the ground and then it evaporates back up into the clouds and the cycle starts again.

  31. glenn says:

    I think the oceans might have to do with climate change because they heat up and cool off slowly causing milder temperatures. People that are landlocked are further from the ocean so they have warmer summer weather and have colder winter weather. Ocean water evaporates and goes to a cloud ready to form into precipitation as it comes back down to earth.

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