How do distractions affect you? Are there certain times/places you are more distracted than others?

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  1. π says:

    distractions can affect me a lot depending on where i am when the distraction is present. Like the classroom for example i get distracted playing browser based games because i feel bored or i just simply want to play them.

  2. Dyllon says:

    I tend to be distracted at work from time to time, but Im more distracted at home then I am at work or school. Distractions effect me by allowing me to escape reality, even if its just for a couple seconds, and figure what is going on and it give me time to process information.

  3. nolan says:

    sometimes a distraction can affect me or it depends on what is the distraction is mostly because some other thing can do it over others

  4. Cameron says:

    Distractions affect me and or other people a lot because getting distracted means you don’t get any work done and that is really hard on your grade because grades matter in high school even though some people don’t know that. When I get distracted it would be in some classes or even out side of school. Trying to get back on task is hard because you would rather do the “fun” thing instead of working. The most place I get distracted is in class because I will get “bored” but I get back on task sometimes.

  5. Lori says:

    Distractions affect my train of thought and my memory horribly. I can be told to wash dishes and I can respond back but once I do another thing such as putting away groceries, the memory of doing dishes are long gone. When I’m more distracted its usually at powwows. I have to make it to grand entry, get ready when I know a lot of people its difficult because usually like to talk, chat, catch up. Essentially social gatherings are the most difficult situations to be In when you have responsibilities to accomplish. However social gatherings aren’t the only situation. When my anxiety starts to grow and peak that can affect my ability to think, breathe or even speak at times. I can be distracted on a emotional or mental level.

  6. Leola :'''( says:

    ugh my comment is being dumb. I guess it depends on my mindset. I know there are times where I can have laser focus and other times I can’t even get one thought to settle down in my mind. And it usually doesn’t depend on the place I’m trying to focus. It can, sometimes, like if it’s too noisy or people are being distracting, but if I’m in study hall and everything is quiet, my mind can still have a hard time calming down and focusing. It used to never be super bad, but this year I’ve definitely been struggling with keeping my mind at bay and focusing at certain tasks at hand, but I like to think I’m dealing with it. I guess I’m most distracted when I feel like I’ve messed up or did something wrong and I just can’t stop think about what I wish I could have done better or that the situation was different, but I just need to remember to keep my mind in the present and not dwindle on things that I can’t change.

  7. Mattea says:

    Distractions are a very easy thing to be consumed by; whether its someone distracting you, something distracting you, or your own thoughts. I get distracted at the most random times, but also the most inconvenient times. Usually it is my own thoughts that distract me from a conversation or a task at hand, and its hard to shake myself from them. I mostly get distracted at home, if I’m trying to do homework, or chores, or even just remembering smalls things, I get distracted and often forget them.

  8. Josie says:

    Distractions stop me from doing what I need to do, and i am very easily distracted. That’s why i don’t do my homework outside of study hall. There are a lot of distractions in life, but I get most distracted at home. There maybe things like homework or work stuff i need to work on, but instead i go on my phone or draw, doing stuff that is more entertaining.

  9. Dustin says:

    Distractions get in my way with things like school work and other things at home. Because at school the only real distraction I have is a phone and that can get in my way sometimes but if I get homework or something like that I just play fortnite and then remember my work when Im really red so I just go to sleep and wake up in the morning regretting it .

  10. Ayana says:

    Distractions affect my thinking and “motivation” I guess, and my phone is probably one of my biggest distractions and it usually keeps me from doing things that I really need to get done. Let’s say that I’m in study hall, I will look at my phone for the time and then unlock it and next thing you know I’m playing a game. Usually, when I’m at home and I’m supposed to be doing chores is when my phone distracts me the most, I’ll just go on it to listen to music and then I’ll switch to social media and sit down and forget that I have to clean.

  11. Shai says:

    I sometimes tend to get distracted in geometry and that’s because I feel we are moving along pretty slowly. There are times when I feel like we’re just repeating and going over something for too long and that’s because other kids need practice so I distract myself by doodling with my pens. When I do get distracted I get slowed down quite a bit and it’s hard to get back into the loop of things. There are other times when i can control myself and snap back into place just like that but others I need time. My biggest distraction are my pens, I have this obsession with collecting all kinds of pens from the clickers to the tube looking ones. I draw and test the fluidity and that’s when I get distracted.

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