Mindfulness of Emotions

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What have you learned about the emotions that occur in you so far this semester? If you don’t feel you have learned anything, what do you think would be helpful to learn about your emotions?

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  1. Leola!! :D says:

    I’ve learned a lot about my emotions, and that they’re not always as in control of me as I thought they were. Mindfulness allows me to understand and accept my emotions, instead of letting them over-run me and control my actions. It’s good to know that I have at least a little bit of control of who I am and what I can do, and mindfulness has definitely helped me realize that.

  2. Mattea says:

    This semester I have learned that the emotions that occur in me, and appear in different situations are important for me to notice. That way I can address what is making me feel that certain way, why I’m feeling that way, and what I can do to take the next step. Some of the emotions are fulfilling, but others are draining and negative. Being able to identify the differences between my emotions has been helpful in my personal and social life.

  3. Dyllon says:

    What I’ve learned from my emotions is that one person’s actions can alter another’s like a bullet flying through the air. Emotions can effect a person’s Mental and Physical State and can be both positive and negative and I’ve experienced both within this past month or two. Mindfulness helps cope with these emotions and will continue to do so as this year drags on.

  4. Carlito says:

    What I have learned about the emotions that occurred in me so far this semester is the feeling of disappointment, and sad kinda. Because like, a couple months ago, my grades were ok, and then now my grades are like, really bad. But now I’m trying to get them at least to a C so I can pass 9th grade. Also, another emotion is hope, like feeling good about myself, i guess, because now that I’m trying, I feel like I can pass the grade and go to the next. But try harder in the next year than I did this year.

  5. Dusstinnn says:

    I’ve learned that if you are mindful about things you can have some good emotions and feel great but it’s not really all about being mindful. There are many other things that affect your emotions such as relationships you have with people they can affect the way you feel. There are many other things. Also, emotions are temporary and they can always change for better or worse..

  6. Josie says:

    I have learned that I experience a lot more emotions than I realize or emotions that go unnamed. That I feel a million different things during the day but I usually don’t stop and try to understand them, I sometimes don’t even realize they are there. But when I am able to stop and process the emotions i’m feeling, I usually am able to feel like I fully experience that. Like if iI was having a bad day if I try to understand why pr experience that feeling it usually goes away a lot faster. But when im having a happy feeling and I stop to experience it I am able to fully enjoy that feeling.

  7. lori says:

    Being anxious is predominant this semester and being able to handle anxiousness is an accomplishment in itself. The only way I can explain is when teachers say “I want to talk to you.” or “come see me after class” makes my emotions skyrocket and I hate that its usually about something minor like Kirby will ask me “did you turn in your $15 dollars?” for graduation. The thing that could be helpful, were already learning how to do in class. Our mindfulness in the beginning in class helps us learn how to breathe and breathing helps with dealing with emotions.

  8. Ayana says:

    Being mindful can somewhat change the way you feel about certain things, like possibly making them more positive. There are different things to change your emotions/the way you feel, like your relationships with others, hearing good news, or even watching a sad movie. But emotions aren’t permanent, they constantly change.

  9. nolan says:

    I learned the emotions that occurred in me in this semester a lot of different emotions went through me this semester like happy, angery, sad, excited, anxious and a lot more emotions. I learned it’s only you that can control these emotions your brain doesn’t control your emotions it’s only the human being that can control your own feelings and emotions. Even like being on the chart of blue, green, yellow and red all of these emotions that you’re in those colors even though your not feeling those emotions.

  10. Kieran says:

    I didn’t learn this from mindfulness but i tend to stay in an anxious, and tired state all day. ways i cope with it is through dark humor, and drawing/doodling.

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