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Describe a bullying incident you witnessed (no names, please…). What did you do? What would you do differently if it happened again?

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  1. DUSTIN says:

    Well one time I was on the bus and I saw a kid in my grade choking some kid who was a few grades lower than us so I smacked him and told him not to be messing with kids like that.. (ik it wasn’t a good way to handle it but sometimes you got to do what you got to do)

  2. Leola says:

    I remember, a long time ago, where I witness someone get bullied. It was kinda terrifying. You always think to yourself “if I ever witnessed that I would totally do something about it” but it’s different when you’re there actually experiencing it. If anyone I’m close to does something that I disapprove of, like my brother or a friend, I immediately speak out because they’re someone I know and someone I feel that would listen to me and I’m safe to discuss things with. The one kid was sitting in a chair, leaning back on it and the other was doing something, I don’t even remember. But he got set off and he went up to the kid in the chair and pushed him back onto the floor. I stood up and was about to do something, but thankfully the kid that pushed the other left and got a teacher on his own. There were plenty of signs beforehand where I could have stepped in and prevented it, but it’s hard when you’re scared for yourself, too. I wish I could have done something differently, but everything ended up fine in the end, thankfully. But I’m definitely going to try to do a better job of standing up for people the next time I see something like that occur.

  3. cameron says:

    One time at lunch awhile back some 7th graders were being mean to some 6th graders and so me and my friend went over to see what was going and they were name calling and teasing. So after lunch we went told Kirby and Erica and they looked at the cameras and they got it figured out. After all this happened maybe a week later we had a meeting and Erica was telling us it was a good idea to stop what was happening and tell her after lunch. After the meeting and weeks went by everything was good and nothing between the kids ever happened again. Bulling can happen anywhere and anytime even on social media.

  4. Carlito says:

    I saw someone start trying to, like, tackle, kind of, like, take another person down, i guess. Like wrestle. So, basically I saw someone try to tackle someone else, but they were like, 6th graders, and I was like “Hey, knock it off”. Then they kept wrestling just for a little bit after I said that and then they stopped and walked away. What I would have done differently if it happened again is probably saying it again, but with a deeper voice, like, more intimidating. But I wouldn’t touch them, like, pull one off of the other.

  5. DUSTIN says:

    Now If something was to happen since i’m older and probably slap harder I’d just tell the bull to knock it off and if he did’t stop i’d pull him off and ask the other person if they good..

  6. Josie says:

    I’ve seen a lot of bullying incidents, the middle school is full of them. One was between just to people I was passing in the hall, you could obviously tell that one person was picking on the other. But at that time I didn’t want to intrude or make the situation worse. I wish I would have said something, it wasn’t right of me just to leave it. Even if I didn’t know what they were fighting about but I at least should have told a teacher. I missed most bullying incidents too, I wasn’t very aware of what was happening around me because I was caught up in my own little middle school life. But since then, I have been a lot more vocal about things I disapprove of, if someone is being a jerk then I tell them they could use kinder words or try and talk to them and ask them why they act that way. I have experienced bullying first hand and I had someone do that for me. It made a huge impact for me and I will never forget it. I wouldn’t want them to have to go through something like that.

  7. Lorita says:

    About last year around this time I was in math class, my cousin and I were in the same class room. Now, he is super super talkative and outgoing so whenever given the first opportunity to speak most likely he’s going to take it. Most people see this as annoying, and I do to, but better you than me right? Except for one day another student would constantly yell “shut up” or “your so stupid” through out the class period. I didn’t say anything because it didn’t bother my cousin, because he kept talking like he usually does so it wasn’t my business if he wasn’t hurt by it.
    This continued throughout the next two weeks approximately and I started to get irritated with this kids’ comments about my cousin until the day he did it again and I didn’t care who was in the room, who he was, what the consequences were going to be I yelled right back at him. I said the things he was saying to my cousin and I was the one to get into trouble and not the other kid. And I wouldn’t do anything differently. The teacher never said anything to him, so if its not going to be the teacher, then it’ll be me. My cousin actually was not phased by the kid, but I was and it wasn’t right of me to let that continue for so long.

  8. Ayana says:

    I saw somebody bullying a kid younger and smaller than them, and they were being super rude and calling the kid a whole bunch of different names and started shoving the kid and I went up to the “bully” and confronted them about what they were doing and told them that they should leave the kid alone because the kid was way younger and WAY smaller than the person. Now, I would do the same thing but maybe have more of an attitude because the bully has already been confronted about it but chose to do it again.

  9. Mattea says:

    One bullying incident that I’ve witnessed was a cyberbullying matter. It was between several girls I used to go to school with, and the one had posted a picture of herself online. I was never really close with the girl, but out of curiosity I decided to read through the comments. There were a couple other girls that had commented insulting things about her weight and facial appearance, and were just overall rude to her. I didn’t comment anything back to the girls directly, because I figured they would only try to blow the situation way out of proportion. I did end up messaging the girl that posted the picture, and assured her not to take those girls seriously. She laughed it off and didn’t seem phased by it too much. However, I told her that if it continues to happen she should report them online, or tell the principal at our school.

  10. Kieran says:

    In 3rd grade, there was a girl that kept getting pushed around by a group of boys, they didn’t let her onto the playground.

    I fought off the boys and socialized with the girl, soon after we became best friends.

    If it happened again I would avoid fighting, and talk to someone who can stop the bullying.

  11. Nolan says:

    If I was in a bully incident I would stick up for my friend or the person that’s getting bullied because no one should be getting bullied and having harassment happening to them. If I was getting bullied after that situation I would stand up for myself and I would tell them to think about how you see the world. How you see the world is that it’s only you that’s controlling your emotions. You might be coming from a good family and how you see the world on bullying. I’d tell a bully that you don’t need to bully people, if there’s something happening in your life, I’m here if you want to talk about it if you don’t want to talk about it that’s fine but you don’t need to be bullying people. I don’t mind standing up for anyone if their getting bullied. I would tell the bully that we have a voice and if you’re parents were here would they like that you’re bullying someone. I think it’s one of the hardest things in life life to go through besides all of the other things in life like growing up and maturing and probably life in general but I honestly think that bullying can ruin someone’s life if they get bullied.

  12. Shai says:

    I was in 4th grade and this group of boys was picking on a smaller boy. The teacher left and said she was only going to be gone for about ten minutes but the group decided that was enough time to raise hell. They were calling the kid names and soon it turned to yelling at him about how weak he was. Then it escalated to throwing a few chairs at him, I stood up and told them to knock it off. I walked over to stand in front of the kid and was about to make this grand speech on why this kid was an a-okay kid but then the teacher walked in and the ordeal was over. If I were there again, I wouldn’t have waited as long and would’ve stepped in a lot earlier than I did.

  13. says:

    i have never been bullied directly but if i was being bullied physically I would move into self defense and only retalliate if they strike first. After such an event you need to tell somebody before the other guy does because teachers tend to lean toward the first story they hear.

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