Mindfulness in Conversation

How could being mindful in conversation be helpful?

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  1. Dyllon says:

    Being mindful in a conversation is helpful because you never know what the other person has gone through and you don’t know whats on their mind, so you have to be careful when you talk about certain subjects.

  2. Leola ~( ^o^ )~ says:

    Being mindful in a conversation can allow you to have better, more “successful” conversations with people. If your mind is racing and it’s hard to focus on one thing, having a conversation with someone probably wouldn’t work out too well. If you take a calming breath and think about what you’re going to say, it’ll help you get your point across while also being able to understand and listen to what the other person is saying.

  3. Cameron says:

    It could be helpful because we could understanding the surroundings and what they are talking about. While we were doing mindfulness when I talked to the first person he was not as exited as other people he was tired and confused. The second person I talked to had more energy and was on topic. When you talk to someone think about how you are going to react and think about the surroundings around you.

  4. Ayana says:

    Being mindful during a conversation helps because you’re able to focus on the topic and how you feel about the topic, instead of having your mind wonder off and start thinking about something else.

  5. Carlito says:

    How being mindful during a conversation can be helpful is by helping you understand them better, probably, and if they are saying stuff that offends you or something or makes you mad kind of, you can use mindfulness while they are talking and just chill out a little bit before you answer rudely or something.

  6. Josie says:

    Being mindful in conversation could really help if you were having an argument. You could process what you feel and really realize how you feel before responding. So you don’t say something you don’t completely mean. It could also help you fully engage in the conversation you are in. Sometimes when people talk to me i’m not listening because i’m focused on something else and mindfulness could help with that.

  7. Mattea says:

    Being mindful in a conversation gives you the ability to listen fully, with the intent of responding, instead of reacting. Reacting to a conversation is when people typically are so focused thinking about what they are going to say next, they hardly pay attention to what the other person is saying. Responding is when you take the time to listen to every word, and then think about what your response is going to be. This skill could be helpful to have for future work situations, school purposes, and just every day conversations that would be a little more fulfilling if we all just took the time to slow down, and fully appreciate the interactions we have with one another.

  8. Lorita says:

    When I am being mindful I am more aware of the way I want to project myself in a positive, modest manner so that the person can understand what I am saying without them being uncomfortable or un-understanding. In other words mindfulness creates a filter so that the person I’m talking to doesn’t think I’m an arrogant person.

  9. Shai says:

    Being mindful could help you keep the conversation going meaning you have things to talk about or to stop you from entering touchy subjects that could end the conversation. Mindfulness helps by keeping manner reminders so you are not disrespectful during the conversation.

  10. says:

    You could be helpful in a conversation by not using your phone. Using your phone in a conversation is just blatantly disrespectful, you are not centered on what you are doing when you do this.

  11. Nolan says:

    How being mindful in a conversation can be helpful because who ever you’re talking to you don’t want them doing something else unless they know how to multitask. There’s only a few amount of people in the world that can do that. You don’t want the person that you’re talking to to be on their phone or not paying attention to you while you are talking to them.

  12. Kieran says:

    It can benefit a conversation by keeping your focus on the conversation and, making you think more about the things you say or feel about whatever you’re making the conversation about.

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