Biodiversity and Conservation

Why is it important to protect biodiversity?

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  1. AnnaMarie says:

    Without biodiversity we would be in a world of just humans if it were just us, we would have to eat either other or try to find other animals if there were any and it might get tiring after a while eating the same thing over and over and have no change. we should protect it because all animals or creatures have a place int he world and without them, the world would shift a lot.

  2. Livia says:

    Biodiversity is important to preserving animal species so the natural-cycle of predators and preys remains in balance. Also so animals can share environments instead of all living in individual, unique places because the world probably doesn’t have enough space for every animal to live like that.

  3. Dominick says:

    it is important to protect biodiversity because all living things contribute to the ecosystem and if some species were to die off that would disrupt the food chain

  4. bodi says:

    Biodiversity is important to protect because each and every organism plays a role in it regardless of how small. An example of this would be more crop plants because more crops means more food which leads to more people able to eat.

  5. Ethan says:

    Bio diversity is important to protect, this is because once the species are gone will wont have a way to get them back. this may change with cloning and other technologies. however these would be clones and not the an actual animal that was born in the wild. from a practical stand point without these species we don’t know wether or not their ecosystems will fall apart. even if the systems function we should still protect them for future generations to see and to research.

  6. Brandon says:

    biodiversity is important because it allows us to understand the life around us. biodiversity allows us to connect to other living beings by using new technology. the technology we use now days can even monitor their brain waves to help understand how they feel. biodiversity allows us to think deeper and wonders if there are any other living beings in our galaxy, people want to believe that we are not the only ones in the galaxy. through biodiversity, we are able to find more about our selves and other livings things. biodiversity is the variety of life in an area or a habit zone. some animals can even relate to our ancestors, biodiversity is important because it helps peek our interest and has a lot of meaning of the world we live in that we as humans have not acquired.

  7. Luke says:

    it is important to protect Biodiversity because it is what makes all life different from each other and shows us that we are different from one of another.If the land scape changed we will start to change as well to fit those climates and heat and coldness in order to survive and stay alive and adapt so yes if the diversity changed we will change as well in different aspects.

  8. Nick says:

    It is important to protect it because the biodiversity it helps the species of the ecosystem. So if there is a large amount then it will be able to grow more crops.

  9. Mya says:

    Biodiversity should be protected for many reasons. One of them being that it provides very important natural resources and functions such as food, the ability to recycle nutrients and breaking down the remains of dead plants and animals.

  10. marissa says:

    It’s important to protect biodiversity because it’s a major portion of an ecosystem. If threats occur to an ecosystem inhabited by many organisms, more of those organisms would be able to survive compared to the ecosystems that have a dangerously low biodiversity. Ecosystems with a high amount of biodiversity also benefit from the possibility that organisms with a larger amount or selection of resources. Biodiverse ecosystems simultaneously benefit the people. Biodiversity on this planet can provide amazing services for us such as pure air and water, control over pests and diseases, and waste decomposition. Biodiversity is also to thank for items such as fiber, food, and fuel.

  11. Antonio says:

    It’s important to protect biodiversity because biodiversity boosts ecosystems productivity. If the ecosystems are clean they can provide raw material, food, and clean water and air for people which we need to survive.

  12. Alex K-L says:

    Because life needs some differences to survive.

  13. kali says:

    It’s important to protect biodiversity because biodiversity helps us in several ways. It allows us to find cures and medicines, it allows us to have food from different species, and it allows our countries to receive money from tourism. So if we don’t protect biodiversity, we wont get any of its benefits.

  14. Mason says:

    Biodiversity is important because without a diverse selection of animals the world would just have the same species and no others. Biodiversity should be protected because the less of an animal selection there is the less of a chance of survival for others such as if a species goes extinct that was preyed on by another species thee species that hunted them would starve. If a predator goes extinct then their prey could grow immensely and cause a lot of problems.

  15. Dylan says:

    Biodiversity is very important to every ecosystem, and we need to protect it because with high biodiversity we have high immunity to change in the environment. An example of this is the 2 different kinds of forests, one with all pine trees, and another with many different kinds of trees. If the forest with only pine trees got invested with beetles that ate and killed pine trees, they would destroy the forest without much of a problem. But the forest that has many kinds of trees got invested with beetles that ate and killed pine trees, the forest would be ok and only some trees would die.

  16. allison says:

    biodiversity is important because it helps balance all of the systems. for example, the atmosphere is experiencing change with a climate which threatens the diversity of the biosphere. this is most obvious in the artic.

  17. Oliver says:

    it is important to protect biodiversity because without biodiversity species could be wiped out all easy but if there are a ton of different species most will survive and it will be harder for one to be wiped out.

  18. Ayana says:

    its important to have biodiversity because if we were to lose other species, we would have a lower chance at survival, and it keeps our ecosystem going

  19. Kenyon says:

    it makes a stronger and healthier world without biodiversity it might end up being just us and that would leave us with not very much to work within our daily life. The biodiversity gives us food, clothes, materials, and many other things, it makes our life less harsh and more livable it makes everything more balanced without it, it would be harder to survive.

  20. Kaydon says:

    It is important to protect biodiversity because all species have a role. For example the cyanobacteria are a bacteria that produces oxygen. Without biodiversity, nutrients and other things that we get from all kinds of species would be stale or limited. There is many small species that have small roles but that diversity or role is important. Biodiversity has an important role in humans health, food, and other things that we depend on.

  21. linus says:

    I think biodiversity is important because it makes more life possible.
    Biodiversity makes the principal of the food chain which is basically what all life is built on.
    Without biodiversity life would just be possible in some biomes with the perfect conditions because life wouldn’t adjust

  22. Shayne says:

    It is important to protect biodiversity because every animal has a role in the ecosystem.

  23. Holden says:

    biodiversity is important for many of reasons. with more biodiversity diseases have a harder time wiping out more species. biodiversity creates balance, with biodiversity the world is “Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.”. without biodiversity one species will kill off all others and eventually die off because they have no food sources/natural predators.

  24. Oliver says:

    Bio diversity is important to be protected because it increases the survivability of a species.

  25. Sofia says:

    Biodiversity is significant because all organisms is in a lifecycle and all kind of species dependt of each other. If we didn’t have biodiversity the best survivel species will survive, “survivel of the fittest “and then at the end that species will die too, becauce there is no food. It all depence of each other and we need variation to create a perfect lifecycle.

  26. Dustin says:

    We need to protect biodiversity because without it there really wouldn’t be much hope for us to continue living because we need many things from it to live off of. For example, we need plants because they give us oxygen and without them, it would make it way harder for us. We need things bee’s because without them we would not have some of the things they help produce by pollinating. Therefore we must protect biodiversity.

  27. alex h. says:

    Biodiversity makes it so that there is more than one species of plants and animals on Earth. If we didn’t have biodiversity we wouldn’t be able to have other types of plants for food, and there would be only very few species of animals on Earth. That being said, it would be a very sad, and somewhat pathetic life, with no new creatures to discover because of the lack of biodiversity.

  28. Grace says:

    It is important to protect biodiversity because without biodiversity life would be impossible. Because life on Earth is so diverse it allows many different species to survive, and those species survive off the roles of other species. In the food chain a larger animal such as a tiger eats a smaller animal such as a deer that eats plant species. Because larger predators keep down the population of herbivores it allows the plant life to flourish without being overpowering.

  29. Brandon B says:

    It is important to protect biodiversity because it ensures a healthy ecosystem which will ultimately benefit not only us but other life. Protecting species diversity will ensure there are plenty of different animals and plants so no one creature can take over an ecosystem which would throw off the balance (although ironically this is what humans have already kinda done). More species also means more food! Protecting genetic diversity allows for healthier creatures because in a bigger gene pool, the bad genes can be bred out easier and the good genes are passed on quicker. Protecting ecosystem diversity ensures there are many types of ecosystems therefore allowing more species to survive and therefore allowing for more genetic diversity. All forms of biodiversity are tied into each other and equally important to protect, and doing so benefits all life by keeping them healthier, and happier.

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