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  1. The wind has to probably do with the sun’s rays of heat going toward the earth and the other planets, the closer you are the more wind you get. And maybe the further you are the less you get of wind. You maybe get some type of wind but not a whole lot like the other planets and how they get wind.

    • The reason why we get wind.
      The wind is from the sun’s rays of heat going toward the planets: earth being one of them. It’s called: Radiation and what it does is it transfers heat through energy. The energy coming from the sun and going through space toward the planets. It causes wind on the planets and on earth we have a whole lot of different type of winds. Like we have Global winds, Doldrums, Trade winds, Westerlies, Polar easterlies, and Horse latitude. All sorts of different wind currents.

  2. I really don’t kno- Cough! Okay so, maybe the sun and its rays does something to the air and makes it funky, or just makes it windy. :/

  3. I have no flipping idea, but I’ll go out on a most likely imaginary limb and say that the fact that partices move faster if heated up and the air if heated up, will move fast, creating wind. Yeah, I doubt it, considering blizzards have really fast winds…. anyways, like I said though, I’ve got nothing on the top of my head for this.

    • Wind is caused by the difference in uneven heating among the Earth. If it is _ degrees here and _ degrees there, wind can be caused. It also depends on the latitude coordinates what the wind is like. For example, there is little wind at the equator, but in temperate zones, there is more.

  4. The earth has somewhat of a protective blanket over it shielding the heat from the sun (Or something as such) but not quite so some of the heat gets in from the sun. The way I’d have to how wind is made has to be something with the clouds and precipitation, other than that I do not know how the earth gets wind.

    • The Earth get’s wind mainly because of the sun’s doing. The Sun beams heat toward the Earth called Radiation which will heat up the Earth but only bits of the radiation gets in because of clouds and such. When Radiation gets in, it causes winds to happen.

    • Part of the heating is caused by radiation. Radiation is the transfer of electromagnetic waves that go to the earth. The main part of the making of wind is how the earth’s surface has uneven heating which makes the movement of air.

  5. I think we get wind by the rays of the sun and the heating has something to do with it somehow. We also have wind because of the atmosphere and how the wind grazes the ground. Also how the wind goes in a circle by hitting the ground and back up into space and keeps repeating the process by going in a circle.

    • The reason we get wind is by the rays of the sun is because of Radiation. Radiation is heat waves that transfer from electrogenic waves. So radiation plays a big factor in how the wind is produced. There are many other winds that make places more warm or colder than other places. The movement of the air is caused by Global winds. These are winds that are heading towards another area and how it affects that area.

  6. The heating of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere by the sun produces winds maybe because the sun’s rays hitting the Earth. This somehow makes the air move in a certain direction or way. I’m not very sure on this one or how it makes the air move like that but this is my best guess.

    • The heating of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere created by the sun produces winds because of the cycling with warm wind and cold wind. The warm air created by the sun will rise and the colder air will sink, this is because warm air is less dense and cold air is more dense. These cycles are happening all over the globe creating global winds. There are also different kinds of winds that blow in certain ways depending on what degree of latitude.

  7. Sep. 30, 2019
    I am guessing that the heating of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere produces wind for a couple of reasons. The first one might have to do with currents and another may have to do with the magnetic poles.

    -Iris ∞

    • Oct. 14, 2019
      Global winds are created by the uneven radiation and heating of the Earth’s surface. Pressure differences caused by this uneven heating cause convection cells. The differences in the location of and the strength of these convection cells cause different types of winds around the globe.

      -Iris ∞

  8. The wind is caused by the sun and the moon and the atmosphere The sun gives UV rays which goes through the atmosphere and it gives the earth wind and the moon makes it cold and the sun makes it warm

    • The wind is caused by the convection cell’s uneven heating and the latitude of the wind. The degrees of the earth changes the kind of wind and the radiation of the sun to the earth. The convection cells get pressure the denser the air gets which can cause wind.

  9. I think that the sun’s rays and the heating of the earth make some sort of pressure that moves with the earth the earth that produces wind.

    • Global winds are made due to uneven radiation and the heating of the surface of the earth.
      Because of the heating different pressure is made and the pressure causes convection cells. The strength of the convection cells cause different winds around the earth.

    • The wind is caused by the convection cell’s uneven heating and the latitude of wind. The convection cells get pressure the denser the air gets which can cause the wind.

    • Wind is caused by uneven amounts of air. Something to do with the pressure causes warm air to rise and cool air to sink. Different locations have different types of wind.

    • The convention cells (which is one kind of wind) is the recycling of cold, high density and high pressure air with denser warmer low pressure air.

    • The wind is caused by uneven temperatures. Warm air rises and cold air sinks, the different temperature winds mix together. The different types of winds are the Global winds, Doldrums (Little to no wind near the equator), Trade winds (Winds that blow from the horse latitudes to the equator), Horse latitudes (Where the air is falling there is little to no wind in that area), Westerlies (Winds that are blowing from wesr to east), and Polar easterlies (Winds that are blowing from the poles, Blows east to west).

  10. We get the heat from the sun rays I think, and wind.. I just don’t flippen kno- whoop you didn’t see that, but I think that maybe too much sun energy makes a chEmICAl reaction and that makes wind (I put chemical like that because I know its wrong, or is it? I don’t know, you gotta teach us stuff before telling us to explain.)

  11. I’m guessing it’s caused by the sun, and the moon and the earth’s atmosphere and sun give UV rays which go through the atmosphere and it gives the earth wind.

    • The wind is caused by the movement of air by an uneven heating source. The heating source is usually caused when warm air and cooler air mix together. The heating source then heats up the earth’s surface, causing wind.

  12. Heat causes the air to go in motion because of the Earth’s atmosphere. The heat is uneven so the wind goes in different directions.

    • Cyclons go clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.
      Hurricanes go counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere.
      this is caused by the Coriolis effect.

  13. I know that heat rises, and maybe that has to with what causes wind. Maybe the movement of the Earth causes the “risen heated air “ to move and make wind! I have never studied about this topic so this is a complete guess!

    • The reason we get wind is because of the constant cycle of cold and warm air! This cycle of warm and cooler air causes wind because the warmer air is rising and the cooler air is sinking. Warmer air rises because it is less dense than cooler (cooler air sinks) making them go up and down. Once the hotter air rises enough it will cool off and sink. Like warm air, cooler air will heat up and rise, and the spinning of air causes wind. All of these winds going around the globe are known as the global winds!

  14. So when the sun heats up the planet on the side facing it changes the pressure and causes the wind to try to equalize the pressure and run to the colder sides creating wind. 🤯 (i only know this because I watch a lot of youtube about space and planets and they talked about venuses incredible wind)

  15. How the wind works. First, the sun gives off radiation that heats the earth’s surface unevenly. Then the air pockets or convection cells get blown around by convection. Convection is the motion within a gas or liquid when warmer particles rise and cooler ones fall.

  16. the heat of the sun on land being uneven and causing it to absorb it unevenly. To call it wind it must have speed and direction.

  17. I think the heating of the Earths surface and the atmosphere by the sun creates wind because they both meet each other and collab and start to move. They mix up together and start to spread.

  18. The heating of the earth’s surface and atmosphere by the sun produces wind by causing warmer, moist air that moves throughout the earth ?

  19. the heat of the earth’s surface produces sun because of the atmosphere. When there is no wind or little wind that causes the air to get warmer. The air is caused by uneven heating.

  20. when the heat is pointing at a point at the earth and that makes hot spots and cold spots and that builds up pressure and when that happens all of the pressure goes to cold and that makes wind I think.

  21. The reasons we get wind is because the cold air is denser and the hot air is less dense. And also the sun unevenly heats up the earth surface and it mixes with colder air and makes Convection cells.

  22. When the sun is facing the earth it makes hotspots, cold spots, and builds pressure. When hot air goes up with low pressure and the cold air goes down with high pressure, it creates wind.

  23. When the sun faces the Earth, it heats the Earth unevenly. Since hot air goes up, and cold air sinks, the air goes in a mini circle creating wind.

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