Layers of the Earth

Tell me what you know about the layers of the earth.

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  1. Kael says:

    The Earth’s crust is made out of different plates that shift and move around over time. These shifts can sometimes cause earthquakes and other disasters related to earthquakes like tsunamis, landslides, etc… I guess there’s not much more tell you that I’m certain of.

  2. logan says:

    I know that there are 4 layers of the earth and each one of them has something to do with earth. They are just layered like when you build a house or when you build a wall.

  3. Laurel says:

    I think that there are 7-5 layers of the Earth. I know that some layers are made of magma, and others are made of rock and dirt. So the dirt and rock are the surface, and the magma layers are on the inside.

  4. Iris J says:

    The Earth is made up of different layers. Plates that shift on molten lava make up the crust. The core is also made out of molten lava.

  5. Xander says:

    Plate tectonics is the layers in the earth. They can shift which causes earthquakes and it is caused by the rocks rubbing together and it can make the ground shake.

  6. lucasR. says:

    All I know is that the layers get hotter the more you move to the center. If the plates shift you get Earthquakes. If they shift under the water you get Tsunamis.

  7. Dennis says:

    I’m fairly certain that the earth’s crust is made up of many layer’s and in the center of the earth, there is a core. Sometimes when enough pressure is built up it will erupt in the form of fire and lava spewing out from volcanoes.

  8. Barbara says:

    What I know about the layers of the earth is that they make up the floor of the Earth. Overtime they shift and move, this is what causes earthquakes. The plates can also shift under oceans which is how tsunamis are created.

  9. M.A.M says:

    Earth has different layers surrounding the core. Some layers are the Mantle and the crust and the outer and inner layers. Some layers are made of oil and are hot, some layers are made of rock and iron.

  10. Kirsten says:

    I think there are 7 layers of earth and the two I know are the core and surface of the earth. Earthquakes are formed and affected by all the different layers. Layers help the earth stay together and help everything on earth function right.

  11. Mandi says:

    I think the earth layers get warmer and warmer the more you dig deeper into the earth but you have to dig pretty deep in I’m pretty sure. I think the last layer or the core is the warmest part of the layers. I think it gets harder and harder to dig the deeper you go down.

  12. Lilianna says:

    I know that the layers of the earth are confusing and that the most important one is the crust, which is where the tectonic plates are and is where earthquakes happen and where the outer part of the earth is. I also know that the earth has 4 layers but i don’t know what all are called.

  13. Alexis says:

    I think it has to do with something about the inner and outer core but that’s all I know.

  14. Madison says:

    I think that when people dig into the ground the first thing they will see is dirt and if they dig deeper they can probably see rocks. In a mine, the first thing is dirt and then will be able to see rocks. If you try and dig deeper than rocks the thing you will see is lava.

  15. Aaliyah says:

    What’s ‘inside’ of the earth is many different kind of layers that move over periods of time. The movement of the layers or “plates” can cause earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. Some plates or layers can push against each other and create some type of mountains.

  16. Ethan says:

    Without the layers of the Earth, we would all be falling to our deaths. And the Earth has multiple different layers.

  17. Emiliano says:

    I know that when the layers of the Earth’s crust move and can cause a number of natural disasters such as landslides, earthquakes, and tsunamis. I also believe there are 6 or 7 major plates across the globe of Earth.

  18. Wayne S. says:

    All I know about the layers of the Earth is that it’s made of plates and such. And when they intertwine it creates earthquakes.

  19. marquis says:

    The more you dig past the layers of the earth it gets hotter, until you reach the core. There are 7 layers of the Earth 2 of them are core and surface.

  20. oliver says:

    So like the part we stand on is the crust and that’s made of dirt and stuff like that. And the inside is all melty-like lava and water with a hardcore.

  21. Sami says:

    I know that there are like 4 layers in the earth, the further you move down the layers the hotter it gets. There is an inner core, outer core, crust and I don’t remember the last one.

  22. cy says:

    So I know that there are like 4 layers, the crust is what we stand and build on. And the deeper into the ground the colder it gets, but then after the coldness, it starts getting hotter because the middle is very very hot.

  23. Cecelia says:

    The Earth has multiple layers, these layers make up the ground and Earth’s surface. I know each layer gradually gets hotter when going deeper into the ground and closer to the Earth’s core. I know there are plates that shift over time causing earthquakes and making mountains or volcanoes.

  24. Matt says:

    There are plates that move around all the time and the movement can cause natural disasters like an earthquake. But if the plates shift out at sea you will get a tsunami.

  25. Alexis D. says:

    From what I know is that when plates of the earth move they overlap each other, Which causes mountains and earthquakes. Sometimes they can cause mountains to explode too.

  26. Hattie says:

    I know that the earth’s layers are made of plates, which get smaller and more dense deeper that they are located. I also know that these layers move from time to time, causing earthquakes and more.

  27. diane says:

    When the layers of the Earth’s crust can cause a number of landslides, earthquakes, and tsunamis. I also that there are six or seven major plates across the globe.

  28. cam says:

    The earth is made up of 3 layers, core and the mantle and the crust. I know 2 ways that earthquakes happen, 1 is volcanic eruptions and the other is where the plates of the earth rub together one goes up other one goes down causing the ground to quake

  29. jeffrey says:

    Earth is made out of many layers of dirt and stone that are somewhat separated to create plates that move to create earthquakes.

  30. Jada says:

    Um so yes, what I know about layers of Earth is that there are four. Also that two of the four are the crust and core.

  31. Caiden says:

    Earth is made of plates of different rocks. The plates can cause different disasters like earthquakes, sinkholes, and volcanoes.

  32. Benjamin says:

    The layers of earth make up the ground and with each layer, it gets hotter and hotter. And plates sometimes collied and create earthquakes, make volcanoes and erupt them.

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