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Why is it important for an organism to be well-suited to its environment? Write a paragraph response using complete sentences and giving at least one example.

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  1. Alec says:

    It is important for an organism to be well-suited to its environment. Because if it’s not it will most likely die because it cant survive it’s environment. Like how a cat when living in a house all its life goes outside it wont survive.

  2. Raegan says:

    An organism must be well-suited to its environment because it is crucial to their population’s survival. If an organism is unsuited to its environment, its survival and reproductive success will decrease rapidly, harming its population. Species that are the “fittest” produce more offspring, and therefore pass on their genes more frequently, allowing their genes to be passed on again and again so long as they continue to be suited to their environment. A species that is not suited will have trouble with passing their genes, causing the species’ population to decrease or even go extinct.

    • Jennifer says:

      Do you think it’s always a bad thing when a species goes extinct?

      • Raegan says:

        No, extinction is not always a bad thing. Extinction may allow for other species to grow and evolve, leading to better biodiversity. Species of viruses going extinct may also not be a bad thing, as the extinction of the virus may cause diseases to cease existence. For example, the extinction of the Small Pox virus, a disease that could possibly kill those who it infected, should be considered a good thing as it is no longer a threat to the human population.

  3. glenn says:

    If the organism is not fit for the different wethers or habitats it might die from anything that it can’t handle but it could also adapt to its new area fast if given enough time.

  4. neal says:

    A fish can’t breathe on land cus is glis are udaptidi to breath in water.

  5. William says:

    It is important for an organism to be well-suited to its environment because if an organism is in an environment that is not suited for them they will begin to die off. If an animal is suited for its environment they will thrive based on the food and habitat that it adapts to so well. An example of this is the Olm, a blind reptile that lives in deep dark caves. It learned to hear through electricity and other senses, but because it was too dark to see with its eyes they just completely lost the ability to see.

  6. Caden says:

    If an organism is not suited or adapted to the environment in which it resides then its possibility to reproduce is very low or as it is also called its fitness is low. An example of this is the striped and solid fish. The striped fish is much more suited for the environment of weeds than a solid fish which means the striped have a much higher fitness than solid.

  7. matthew says:

    An organism needs to be well suited to its environment to survive. If an organism isn’t suited to its environment it might not have sufficient food or predators might be able to get to them easily. An example would be if a farm cow was in the wild it would not survive very easily because it is accustomed to a farm and not the wild where there are more predators and less food.

    • Jennifer says:

      In a book I have called The World Without Us the author talks about what would happen if humans were to just disappear. It wouldn’t look good for cows… What else do you think would happen in nature if humans vanished?

      • matthew says:

        If humans vanished then I would guess that in time everything would go back to the way things used to be before humans got to the area but with some buildings and stuff left there and trees and animals would take back.

  8. Maddox says:

    It is important for an organism or species to be well-suited to its environment. Because that specific organism is no longer suited for that environment they will most likely disappear. They may also disappear if their species cannot reproduce fast enough. All species need multiple things to survive whether that be food, water, and shelter if anyone of these things vanish then so will that species eventually.

  9. Kyleisha G says:

    It is important for organisms to be well-suited in their environment or else they might start fading away. Resources such as food or water may start to become scarce by climate change, if that happens what will the species eat? Bigger picture is climate change can cause them to become extinct as well due to organisms needing certain aspects in nature that some areas might not accommodate. Say a fish starts dying off because a new species was dropped into the water by people from out of country then they eat their food, who knows anything can happen in 2020.

  10. marchello says:

    It is important because without a well suited environment the organism would die from the conditions. For example if you put a fish in the middle of a desert it would probably have a hard time surviving. A reason for it needing to be well suited can span across many different reasons though as it can affect everything around it in terms of ecosystem and community.

  11. Carlito says:

    Its important for an organism to be well-suited for its environment because in order to survive they need to adapt to their environment. Adaptations allow them to survive the climate for their habitat or ecosystem, and from predators which would prevent them from being eaten. And organisms that are better suited to their environments are more likely to produce offspring, which would allow to increase their population. Like Wood Frogs have an adaptation of being able to freeze theirselves, which stops their breathing and their heart stops beating allowing them to survive the winter season reaching as low as -80 degrees Fahrenheit.

  12. Ally says:

    It is crucial for an organism to be well suited to its environment so that it reaches its highest biotic potential. An organism can adapt to its environment but when density dependent factors such as food supply and water causes a decrease in an organisms population then its biotic potential is not at its peak. An organism that is best suited to it’s environment will flourish and increase or remain stable population numbers.

  13. Olivia says:

    If an animal is well suited to it’s environment it can survive and reproduce. If an animal is not, can not survive and reproduce. For example if humans tried to, for some reason, live under water, we would not be able to live long enough to even think about reproducing.

  14. Frank says:

    I think it’s important for something to be fit so it could run from other predators. also so it could get its food faster and find more things in a short amount of time. if it is not suited to survive In its suited place it wont survive any place else. Organism whos not fit in a dangerous area wont survive.

  15. Josh says:

    It is important for an organism to be well suited for its environment, because if it cant get food or protect its self, the population will decline until it hits zero. For example, if 7 giraffes were to swim across the ocean, sneak past the coast guard, and book it over to northern MN, assuming they were able to avoid being captured, they would live well until winter, when they would all freeze and die.
    This is because they have not adapted to survive cold climates such as here.

  16. Robert says:

    If an organism isn’t in the right environment it could die since it doesn’t have the right stuff to survive. The organism that isn’t in the right environment, it could be more vulnerable to predators. That organism could possibly go extinct if the whole population is in the wrong environment.

  17. hailey says:

    It’s important for organisms to be well-suited in their environment so it can survive and reproduce. If an animal were to be put in an environment opposite to what it’s used to, then it would die and most likely go extinct.

  18. allyssa says:

    It’s important for an organism to be well-suited to its environment because the environment that an organism lives in directly correlates with their chance of survival and biotic potential. The chance of survival goes down for an organism if they aren’t suited to their environment because they likely won’t be able to reproduce successfully. They won’t reach their biotic potential without everything they need and the number of organisms in their population will likely begin to decline. An example of this would be if a carnivorous animal, suited for an environment with lots of meat, was living in an environment filled with plants and trees. If it’s not suited for eating the plants around it, it would be forced to starve and wouldn’t reach their potential.

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