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Resources on Earth and Mars

So if resources are things that an organism needs to stay alive let’s think about what might change if humans were to colonize Mars. There are two questions to respond to. Write at least two sentences for each question. How do humans depend on Earth’s resources? How do you think the need for resources will change if […]

Guest Blogger: Olivia!!

Land that is being considered for a National Park must have, among other things, “a unique natural, cultural, or recreational resource.” Does Bemidji or Minnesota in general meet these criteria? Does a different location in the U.S. meet these criteria?

Biodiversity and YOU

What is a concrete way that protecting biodiversity impacts you? An example would be that I rely on pollinators to pollinate my apple trees. If we lose the plants that pollinators need I won’t have apples in the fall.

Short Week = Short Blog!

Because we have a short week I would like you to write a short reply (only two sentences!) about what you have learned in this class so far. Be specific, as in “I learned that…” rather than “I learned about…”

Wildfire Effects

PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID MCNEW/STRINGER There are many wildfires burning in the western US. Using some of the concepts from the chapter so far, explain what you think some of the effects might be on the natural communities that have burned. (Hint: on page 158 there are lists of the vocab words from the sections of […]