Short Week = Short Blog!

Because we have a short week I would like you to write a short reply (only two sentences!) about what you have learned in this class so far. Be specific, as in “I learned that…” rather than “I learned about…”

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  1. Caden says:

    I learned that there are for more biological orders and systems the just the food web and chain. I also learned that extinction has a far bigger effect on environments and other species then I first thought.

  2. matthew says:

    I learned how species evolution occurs through natural selection and allopatric speciation. I also learned that if you remove one animal from a community even if it does not seem like that important of one the community will change rapidly if not crumple.

  3. Raegan says:

    So far, I have learned that organisms interact with one another and how that interaction may be vital for some of them. Things like natural disasters, extinction, speciation, and human activities can all affect interactions among organisms in an ecosystem.

  4. Frank says:

    I learned that if the keystone organism is not there anymore the whole thing falls apart. Also that 747 is the fat bear week champion but also that if one thing gets put out the food web it messes everything else up.

  5. Josh says:

    So far in class I have learned a bunch of nifty words such as; succession, biomass, chemosynthesis, and many more. I have also learned that a wild fire is only considered a mild disturbance, and not completely destructive.

  6. olivia says:

    I learned that once a natural disaster wipes out plant and animal life, there is still a chance that community can come back and maybe be even stronger. I also learned that the nutrients available to those at the top of the pyramid of energy are much less then those at the bottom.

  7. Glenn says:

    i learned that some animals are now going endangered like gorillas and that some animals are in new habitats like Penguin are in south east Asia.

  8. Robert says:

    I learned about what might happen if you take out a specific species it’ll make other species go away. I learned about the food web and found out some cool stuff.

  9. Maddox says:

    I learned that a community of organisms sometimes needs a keystone species in order to keep all of the species balanced. Also that there is more order than just food webs and food chains.

  10. Carlito says:

    I learned that coevolution involves two species that affects each other’s evolution through natural selection. A predator-prey relationship would be a perfect example, such as a newt evolving its toxins against predators, as predators evolve an immunity.

  11. Ally says:

    In class so far I have learned about the difference between food webs and chains as well as the transfer of energy that occurs. I was a bit rusty on remembering all the different ways species extinction has an impact on its environment as well as the other organisms but my knowledge became more concrete as we all shared ideas in a blog post.

  12. William says:

    I learned that if animal of the same species are placed in two different environments one can evolve into another species this is called speciation. Another thing I learned was that habitats have a keystone species that makes sure the environment stays balanced without them it would collapse.

  13. allyssa says:

    In this class, I learned that in each trophic level, only about 10% of energy is passed to the next. I also learned that keystone species are crucial to a community’s survival and well-being.

  14. marchello says:

    I learned that the transfer of energy from one animal to another goes down by ten percent through every stage as it is on its way to the top of a trophic pyramid.
    I also learned that habitats can change a lot and are not just one type forever.

  15. hailey says:

    I learned about the food web and food chain in more depth. I also learned about the difference between primary succession and secondary succession.

  16. alec says:

    I learned that wildfires are a keypart fo having certen trees open their seeds.

  17. Gaven says:

    I learned that a change in the environment can cause a species to evolve. I also learned how to tell if a website is reliable.

  18. Kyleisha says:

    I learned that the littlest animal can make the biggest change for food, and living conditions. Say an area runs out of food, that could possibly make a species go extinct, I just find it crazy that the littlest thing can create a huge outcome.

  19. neal says:

    i have lend that even a little mosquitoes will have a effect on the costume and that everything is connected by the food web

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