Biodiversity and YOU

What is a concrete way that protecting biodiversity impacts you? An example would be that I rely on pollinators to pollinate my apple trees. If we lose the plants that pollinators need I won’t have apples in the fall.

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  1. alec says:

    We plant trees and then the trees get sun light. Then we get cleaner air from the trees. Then we get tree seeds from the trees and we can plant more.

  2. Josh says:

    Ducks rely on producers such as lichens, if they go away I wont have any ducks in the fall.

  3. Raegan says:

    Organisms that humans rely on, such as plants, pollinators, and animals that provide us food, are important for human survival. Changes in biodiversity can affect many things like someone’s job, income, migration of people, and even politics. One specific example for me would be that my family often relies on deer for meat, so a loss of plants or food that deer eat would limit my family’s supply of meat.

  4. Kyleisha G says:

    Biodiversity impacts me when hunting season comes around. Deers need their food to eat, sometimes their food is either killed or starts fading away because the change in climate. That then creates a door for deer to pass away, and now everyone is left with no deer meat.

  5. neal says:

    if we lose pollinators we will not have deer cus they dont have the greens that that feed them pollinators help grow grass and flowers.

  6. Caden says:

    The most immediate impact biodiversity would have on me is a lose of food, for example lets say that there is a type of insect that control a corn eating beetle population if the predator insect were to die out then there would be no controlling the beetles without excessive use of insecticide which would harm you as well.

  7. Ally says:

    I enjoy seeing the variety of insects in parks but if toxic chemicals and pesticides are continuing to be sprayed then those insects will no longer be a sight to enjoy.

  8. Frank says:

    Biodiversity impacts me because if we have no more tress we basically die because the trees are the ones giving oxygen. it also impacts me by how much food we eat because it can affect it by how much things are alive.

  9. olivia says:

    We have gardens at my house and many of the plants need to be pollinated, if they are not we will loss much of the food. I am also reliant on the biodiversity of plants used in the production of medications.

  10. Glenn says:

    if we lost bees there would be no healthy fruits and with no fruits we cant get the vitamins that me and everyone else needs.

  11. cyrus says:

    If we protected biodiversity of bees it impacts me in ways that i didnt realize. Like helping the growth of trees and plants which serve as food for other animals. they also if they were to suddenly disappear plants would have a hard time growing and the animals would die going up the food chain.

  12. hailey says:

    An example of biodiversity impacting me could be pollination in plants because it helps the plant produce and grow which can later be turned into crops. Without that, we would possibly have a shortage in food.

  13. Maddox says:

    A concrete way that protecting biodiversity impacts me is if we didn’t have any decomposers in our backyard. Our compost wouldn’t be able to supply nutrients to the surrounding trees and or soil that needs those nutrients.

  14. matthew says:

    Protecting biodiversity affects me because I rely on deer to provide venison. If deer went extinct then I wouldn’t have that food source.

  15. marchello says:

    Without biodiversity I’d have nothing to use as compost for our garden and we wouldn’t have as much fruits and vegetables to eat.

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