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Land that is being considered for a National Park must have, among other things, “a unique natural, cultural, or recreational resource.” Does Bemidji or Minnesota in general meet these criteria? Does a different location in the U.S. meet these criteria?

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  1. Caden says:

    In Minnesota there are a couple of very important areas the most prominent is the Great Lakes which are the biggest lakes in the US, because of how unique the Great Lakes are they could easily become a national park if it is not one already. In all of the United States I can not think of any place that is unique and is not already a national park.

  2. Josh says:

    Absolutely. The Bemidji area has plants and animals that can be found in other places, but the culture is unique. For example there are the Native American burial grounds at Itasca state park.

  3. marchello says:

    I mean I think Minnesota does meet these criteria as it has six national parks already but I’d say theres many other places that meet this standard all over the country.

  4. alec says:

    I think that bemidji doesn’t have the necessary things to have a park. But Minnesota does have the things to have one. And the U.S. does have the things needed. Like yellowstone and other places.

  5. neal says:

    Bemidji has a stat park that preserve the land for the animals to have that natural environment are like meny park in MN. Like the boundary waters are so un tucht that you can drink the water from the lakes and rivers with no chemicals in it. There are other places that preserve the land like yellow stown or the black hills.

  6. Raegan says:

    Parts of Minnesota as well as Bemidji do meet this criteria. For example, in Minnesota there are 6 national parks, each providing natural, cultural, and recreational resources, as well as combinations of them. A park like the one in Pipestone offers a cultural resource for visitors to see, as well as teaching visitors about quarrying, a Native American practice, and the significance of it. Bemidji has no national parks, but I believe that there are certain areas that provide recreational and natural resources, like the Mississippi River, which starts in Bemidji.

  7. olivia says:

    Within Bemidji and the greater Bemidji area there are a few locations that meet these criteria for a National Park. These locations include but are not limited to, the Head Waters of the Mississippi, the Boundary Waters, and the Lost 40 Scientific and Natural Area. In the United States as a whole there are several locations that meet these criteria and are not National Parks. These include undeveloped forests on the West Coast, such as the Red Wood Experimental Forest and rivers deltas, such as the Yukon delta.

  8. Ally says:

    Bemidji as a whole was named after a Chief. Many of the parks and city names are derived from Ojibwe. This is because these locations are where the Anishinaabe people resided and still do today. In southern parts of the United States this holds true as well for other indigenous tribes such as the Navajo Nation. These parks are rightfully being protected because of the cultural significance they hold.

  9. Frank says:

    I think some areas in Bemidji meet the criteria because areas around Bemidji gave nice pretty views within the woods. I would also think that some areas have a unique culture because it’s near a Native American Reservation. I think many places in the U.S. have met the criteria because many places in the U.S. have had wars or something happen to the land or area. Also, many places have recreational sources around the world and in the U.S.

  10. cyrus says:

    In my opinion Minnesota is kind of plain and wouldn’t be a good area for a national park because it is kind of basic when it comes to cool animals. I think that there are many other options for cooler animals to bring in tourist in other states but not only animals bring in the tourist. If they were in search of just a beautiful landscape then i think Minnesota wouldn’t be that bad of a spot for a national park.

  11. Carlito says:

    I think that Bemidji Shouldn’t have a national park, and I’m pretty sure that there is a national park near Bemidji. Because I would consider Itasca State Park to be one. Because it’s where the Mississippi river starts, which is unique and I’m sure other stuff about it too. And Minnesota does meet the criteria because we actually have more than one national parks in Minnesota. And the only location that I can think of that meets the criteria is Yellow Stone National Park. And it’s another place that is unique.

  12. Glenn says:

    Well the land is owned by the Gov so they decide whats a fitting National Parks.

  13. Kyleisha G says:

    I believe Minnesota does meet the criteria with having a unique, and cultural resource. Although it is not a national park, on the Redlake Indian Reservation we have an area only dedicated for powwows, it also consist of the veterans memorial overlooking the lake. Minnesota in general does have a lot of environmental importance in my opinion because most of the parks around here have trees, lakes, and its very natural.

  14. hailey says:

    I think Minnesota in general, meet this criteria for a park. The national parks in Minnesota have natural and cultural resources. I also think the U.S does meet the criteria since there has been many cultural resources like wars and stuff for people to learn about.

  15. matthew says:

    In Minnesota there is not much that is unique other than our number of lakes and our connection to the great lakes. The great lakes could become a national park because of their unique size. The United States already has many national parks such as glacier national park and Yellowstone.

  16. allyssa says:

    Minnesota does meet these criteria because there are plenty of natural and cultural resources to be found. The state has earned the nickname “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” and for good reason due to the large amount of lakes that are pretty decently sized. There are also several areas that meet the criterion of having cultural resources. An example of these areas might be in Pipestone like I heard Jennifer and Raegan talking about. When I was there, I noticed that the architecture and design of the town was so old-looking. The quarries serve as an attraction as well as the whole town because of the way it looks.

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