Resources on Earth and Mars

So if resources are things that an organism needs to stay alive let’s think about what might change if humans were to colonize Mars. There are two questions to respond to. Write at least two sentences for each question.

  1. How do humans depend on Earth’s resources?
  2. How do you think the need for resources will change if we go to Mars? (Think about what we have available here on Earth vs. what is available on Mars.)

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  1. carter says:

    human need h2o so we need trees but mars bonts have trees so if we life on mars we need to planet trees to get h2o i we need to have food and water.

  2. emma says:

    We constantly depend on resources from earth, water, soil, and organisms on this earth. We need oxygen, water, and food to survive; We can easily find all of this on earth but it would be much harder on Mars

    If we were to go to Mars we would need to bring a substantial amount of resources to there, like soil, seeds, and a constant supply of water. We may be able to find water on Mars beneath the surface though.

  3. Louis says:

    Oct 27: Resources on Earth and Mars
    Humans need Earth’s resources such as trees, trees are important because we get building material out of them and they give us Oxygen. We also need water so we can live because 60% of the human body is made up of water.
    We would need some way to breathe on Mars because Mars only has 0.1% Oxygen in its atmosphere and we would need some source of water because there is no known source of water on Mars.

  4. Leo says:

    We depend on Earth’s resources for everything such as water, foods, tools to create stuff with, dirt to farm with, Air to breathe, and Animals to hunt. These resources are the ones that our bodies are specifically made to utilize so they are among the only ones we need.
    I think once we make it to mars for colonization the need for resources there would be huge as we would need as much to start things such as farms, Housing, Creating areas where we could even breathe but as we live there longer the need for some resources would grow larger and larger as the population grows much larger.

  5. X says:

    We humans depend on the Earth’s resources by consuming them. We eat so we can survive and we also drink water to survive. We use the wood and stone of the Earth in order to build a shelter to protect us from outside.

    The need for resources on Mars would be great, considering there is basically nothing but frozen water there. First, we would need to bring oxygen to Mars due to the fact that we would die about the moment we get there without it. And second, we need to bring food and water to Mars in order to do whatever it is we are doing. Basically, food and water let you survive longer.

  6. Julian says:

    People depend on Earth’s resources by using them in everyday life, for example, when someone picks and eats an apple, that apple is one of Earth’s resources.
    If we moved to Mars, we would not be able to breathe, as there is no oxygen on Mars. Plus, there is no food or water on Mars either, making it difficult to survive on Mars for long stretches of time, We would also need medicines and building materials as well.

  7. Bella says:

    Humans depend on Earth’s resources quite a bit. If we didn’t have the resources, we would not be very far in life, we might just be dead. One of the most common ones, trees. If we didn’t have trees we wouldn’t have wood. it would become a lot drier, and when we did get rain, it would flood because trees soak up a lot of that excess water. Another natural resource is water. If all the lakes, rivers, oceans, etc were gone and all we had was the occasional thunderstorm, we would die of thirst. Plus, if we had crops then, it would be hard to grow crops especially if you are in a drier area of the world and didn’t get a lot of rainfall.
    If we do eventually get to Mars, we would probably bring soil, wood, saplings, and all the basic needs (if we are smart) so we can actually survive on a different planet without taking Earth with us. There’s already quite a few ores and things so we won’t need to bring that stuff. Also, if we weren’t able to bring wood for some odd reason, then we could use some sort of substitute.

  8. Chris says:

    1. Humans depend on Earth’s resources in order to survive. Some of those resources for example would be like trees, water, and food.

    2. I don’t really think the needs for resources will change because of course humans need water in order to survive but Mars doesn’t really have lakes on it to produce the water that humans need so we would have to figure out a solution like bringing water to Mars. Mars also doesn’t have trees so we would need to plant trees in order to get wood to build structures. We would have to also figure out a solution for food as well so we could like abduct cows like aliens and bring them to Mars to produce food or we could just plant crops on Mars.

  9. janessa says:

    1. We need food and stuff to make houses. so we have wood and animals to have as food and stuff to make houses.
    2. We would have to make the houses out of the rocks we find off the planet. then to find food we would have to walk around the planet to find it cause I have Know clue if there is even food on Mars.

  10. Matia says:

    Some resources we need are oxygen, water, animals, crops, and soil that we can grow things in. We depend on the Earths’ resources because we need them to survive. On Mars we would need all those same resources. the question is: will Mars be able to provide? The answer is no.

  11. bruce says:

    Humans depend on scientists to discover cures for things like the coronavirus to common flu smallpox etc. and. We also need cooks to get us food so we can survive. On Mars, I think that we need food, water, seeds for trees, and also a way to get vegetation. We would also have to discover a way to make homes for us to live in but that might take. A while because we either need a bunch of trees to grow there or we need to figure out how to bring all the materials up to Mars.

  12. Zoey says:

    To answer the first question, humans depend on Earth’s resources for everything from the weather we drink to the clothing we wear. When looking at it on a large scale every single thing we use on a daily basis one way or another comes from the Earth. Whether it be in one of its rawest forms like the animals we hunt and air we breathe to the more abstract form of minerals that we then proses and mixes to create plastic and styrofoam. On to the second question, how do you think the need for resources will change if we go to Mars? Well for starters on Mars there are no trees so ae would have to find an alternate way to create shelter and oxygen. I purpose that we would have to build dome-like structures in which we mix Earth soil with Marses and create an environment in which trees can grow properly witch then can grow and grow untell its large enough for it to make an impact on Marse’s natural environment. Trees will adapt and continue to grow. Of course, you will need to water them so for that I think humans could dig a large hole and artificially create a water table the trees will use that for water, and eventually, Marse’s environment will slowly start to morph into the Earth. As time goes on humans will introduce wildlife and start to developed and in the end, you have a new Earth.
    By: Zoey

  13. Tori says:

    Humans depend on water, food, and oxygen to breathe and survive. Humans depend on finding these resources on Earth whether it would be out in the “wild” or store.

    On Earth we have trees and water. On Mars I don’t think you find trees or water. I think the resources would change a lot on Mars, so we wouldn’t have enough oxygen to breathe properly, and we wouldn’t have water on Mars either, if we did have water on Mars I don’t think it would be enough.

  14. Brogynn says:

    Humans depend on the Earth’s resources because we need them to stay alive, such as water, warmth, and oxygen. The Earth provides these resources for us and we couldn’t thank the world enough. If we colonize on Mars we would need a source of air, and water because they are essential for human life. We would need ways to get water, grow food, and breathe air. I’m not sure how we would do that but I’m sure since they are literal rocket scientists they could figure it out.

  15. Marin says:

    Humans depend on Earth’s resources because we need the things such as water, oxygen, and food to survive and the Earth provides those things for us. We also use other resources the Earth gives us to make more things to use for our benefit, we use trees that give oxygen to make things like paper and then we plant more trees to have all of this become a cycle.
    I think that if we did go to Mars the need for our resources would change a lot because right now we don’t really have to be worried about a source of oxygen but if we went to Mars then we would have to have oxygen tanks since Mars doesn’t have trees. We would also have to have some way of growing food and some way of making sure we have some source of power like we have here on Earth

  16. izabel says:

    I think we would need to bring a lot of our resources from Earth to Mars, to start being able to live there as humans. Humans live off of a lot of what Earths resources has to give, if not all of them. We need them to build shelter, eat food and drink water to survive. If we do end up bringing Earths resources to Mars, it is to help Mars grow its own resources. I assume Mars is going to take a while to start growing its own resources. We would definitely need a lot more resources on Earth if we were going to share them with Mars, for both the humans who live on Earth and to start the living on Mars. Mars I learned to believe, does not have many resources to give.

  17. Mariah says:

    1.)How do humans/organisms depend on the Earth to survive? All living things need a home and shelter to stay alive. They also need food and water to survive in the wild. A shelter for the organism will need the things it needs to survive like food water shelter if human than clothes warmth and something that all living things need well almost all is somewhere for them to sleep to survive on Earth.

    2.)How will things be different on Mars than they are here on earth? What resources will we gain or lose? We will lose resources like trees and animals but we will gain more knowledge about the planet and how it works. We may find other living organisms and make new discoveries about them and what they are made of or how they think/live their lives.

  18. Laileigh says:

    Everybody needs resources as they play an important role in everyday life. Without Earth’s resources such as water, food, trees, oxygen, and so much more, we would not be able to live. So if I were to go to Mars without those proper resources, I wouldn’t last very long and neither would you because I’m sure Mars wouldn’t be able to provide any of that. Even if someone were to go to Mars and bring some of these things we need, they still wouldn’t live because the resources would eventually run out and you’ll be left with nothing. Mars cannot provide enough for human life to be found or brought there.

  19. Travis says:

    Earth has resources like water and air that are not available on Mars. Earth also has resources like metals, ores, minerals, and animals that would greatly hinder the possibilities of living on Mars. All resources and food would need to be transported to Mars and continue to be transported until animals or plants are able to be grown and produced on the Red Planet.
    Other issues include weather and terrain. Mars has strong tornado’s called dust storms that could tear down any homes or the beginnings of housing along with abnormal wind speeds compared to Earth.
    Minor things would include getting on the planet, communication with Earth, and complications that might not be easily resolved like on Earth.

  20. Destinee says:

    Humans depend on Earths resources for a lot of things, As an example we need Earths soil to grow food to eat. And we drink Earths water so we stay hyderated

    I think some resources will change like, wood, etc. But we still would need our basic needs.

  21. Victoria says:

    We all depend on Earth’s resources because we need to stay alive,plants and animals need O2,water and food to stay alive and we depend on these animals and plants to survive.I think it would be a little difficult to find these things on Mars,because there isn’t soil on Mars and we would need to bring this with us.we would need to bring animals so we could start reproducing,we should probably start a farm there and then we could start planting plants.

    We would need trees if we go on Mars because without trees we would probably suffocate and trees would give us wood,we could use the wood to make houses and a grocery store.Here on Earth we have a lot of things to keep us alive and if we bring some of it with us we could probably survive.with housing we could start the population all over again but make it better and try to get along with everyone.but we don’t have the same resources as Mars does we would need rain for the plants and we wouldn’t survive with water so maybe no.

  22. Triston says:

    We depend on Earth’s rescources to survive using food, water, the rocks in the Earth to make tools. We survived for this long on Earth, but how well will we survive on Mars.

    To survive on Mars we will need food, water, and ot materials. But the biggest resource of all to survive on Mars is air. Humans can’t survive without air. Knowing Mars has no air it will be hard to survive on Mars. Mars could have new resources though that could improve Human kind and technology.

  23. Landon says:

    We depend on Earth’s resources to provide food and water for us but we also depend on farmers for getting the food for us. On Earth our food is just right in front of us when we want it but it’s very different on Mars.

    On Mar’s according to nasa there is no signs of food and water so therefore it is impossible to live there because there is no food or water on Mars.

  24. Ellie says:

    We as humans use a lot of earths resources, we use all sorts of different metals and we use plants and animals for food and other things. On mars we wouldn’t have these things unless we transported them there. I really don’t know a lot at all about mars but i know that it doesn’t have the same stuff as we do here on earth we would probably scavenge for food and water one we ran out.

  25. Rai says:

    we need 2 food and water on earth,we will still need these things but they will be harder to get on mars

  26. bruce says:

    The weather is what the environment is outside at that exact moment climate is something that happens for a very long time for example in Minnesota the climate is cold and the weather is windy

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