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Other than its effect on school how has Covid impacted your life?

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  1. alec says:

    COVID-19 has affected my life by not allowing me to see my friends. Not allowing me to go to do something for halloween. And it’s keeping me from seeing my other grandparents.

  2. Olivia says:

    When the pandemic first hit and for months after I was not effect at all. A few months ago my great grandmother was in the hospital after having a fall. She had gotten COVID before and I never really went away. Her family could barely visit her. She died alone without her children with her. It is likely that she died for COVID even though she was asymptomatic.

  3. Frank says:

    Covid hasn’t impacted my life in a hard way but it has in little ways like doing online for a week than the other doing in person for a week. It has also made restaurants only to take out instead of dining in. also shutting things down for a couple of weeks

  4. Caden says:

    Covid-19 has impacted my life by stopping me from going out and hanging out with my friends which I never thought I would not be able to do. It was just one of those things that I thought would never be able to be taken away. Another thing that got changed in my life was my mood since I got super bored since I had nothing to do except play video games which eventually got boring as well.

  5. matthew says:

    Covid hasn’t largely affected me but it has affected me in some smaller ways. Some examples would be having to wear a mask everywhere or not being able to do some activities that I usually get to do because they were canceled.

  6. Josh says:

    Covid-19 has impacted everyones lives, and everyone experiences these effects differently. For me, the effects were minimal. I had to wear a mask in stores, church, restaurants, and basically everywhere else. Due to the pandemic, I was unable to hear about anything else going on in the world. The news was about covid every hour, of every day, of every week for months on end. At work, I had to start sanitizing the carts that our customers used, which left me with less time to complete my other responsibilities there. I could no longer shake anyones hand, or high five anyone. Everything went online, and I would go to bed and wake up with a headache every day. Finally, I was unable to go to Honduras this past summer because of the fear of spreading the virus, and instead just sat at home lonely.

  7. Raegan says:

    COVID can make my life boring sometimes. Staying inside all day means I’ve done almost everything there is to do in my house. Most of the time, I go out only for school, my job, or for food and other necessities. It has also made things around m much more clean and sanitized, which I appreciate.

  8. Kyleisha says:

    Covid has negatively affected my life because of lowering my opportunities in the real world, wanting to do so much as a high-school student, especially volunteer activities as well as traveling. In the National Honor Society we have to reach a requirement of 30 hours of volunteering during a school year, which is made more difficult because we have to volunteer for some stuff online, or what we were able to do in previous years we aren’t able to. At Trek I was looking forward to going to Chicago which most likely will not happen, but traveling with my family I am still anticipating for New Years.

  9. Carlito says:

    I wasn’t really affected by it. At least for me, because I’m still doing the same things I usually do. Such as playing video games and going to work. I mean the only thing that’s a big difference for me is wearing masks. I got used to it but the first time I had to wear it it was very uncomfortable. One thing I did enjoy before the pandemic was going to the movies very often, and then they shut the theatre down which really stunk. But they started playing some movies again which is cool because I very much like going to the movies.

  10. hailey says:

    When covid started, It didn’t really bother me until a couple months later where shops were starting to close up and we had to quarantine ourselves from others which for almost all of us, led to less social interactions. Staying cooped up in the house gets boring after a while.

  11. Ally says:

    COVID has made my fear for the elderly increase. I care a lot about my grandparents and their health. I think some people are being very careless like going to parties or refusing to believe any of this is real. I hope in the near future that precautions are taken more seriously so hopefully our numbers community and worldwide drop!

  12. William says:

    Covid has not really impacted my life. I still do the same things I did normally and now I have an excuse not go out of my house. One thing that sucks is the masks and the shops closing down. I hate wearing masks, they are so uncomfortable.

  13. neal says:

    covid did not effect my life at all because my family believe that ones we get it we will not need a vaccine sins we got it and now have the anty botys

  14. Maddox says:

    Covid-19 has affected many people whether that be having to stay 6 feet apart of wearing a mask everywhere in public. Wearing masks out in public isn’t only to keep ourselves safe but its to keep others around you safe. Having to work in these trying times is very difficult especially when you’re wear glasses and they fog up lol.

  15. marchello says:

    COVID has caused my moms work schedule severely and now because of it my step-dad works from home so theres always someone here now and it has made most of my time be spent at home since we cant really go out like we want to all that much.

  16. Glenn says:

    when Covid-19 hit it made me lazy with some stuff out side school. I would also like to meet new people but I cant really can’t do that because of all the restriction.

  17. cyrus says:

    Covid has affected my life in a lot of ways most notably my social life has plummeted and I have not had women interaction in weeks. I can’t visit my 96 year old grandma because if she were to get covid it could be fatal. But not everything has been bad. It helped me grow a strong bond with my new cat that got over the summer as a replacement for my cat that was brutally murdered in my backyard and I live a way healthier lifestyle than last year.

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