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How can we balance our needs for housing and jobs with the need to protect the environment?

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  1. Olivia says:

    Building in a more sustainable way can create housing and jobs. Renewable energy has longer lasting and better paying jobs then oil pipe line jobs for example. If we incorporate renewable and sustainable building practices into the need for more housing, we can have more buildings that are better for the environment.

  2. Josh says:

    If the majority of the population lives in cities, we won’t have to take away as much animal habitat to make places to live. Another idea is to make underground housing, but that is far from safe in places where there are frequent earthquakes. Also we should switch to clean energy such as solar power and wind farms.

  3. alec says:

    We can balance our environment and needs for housing for housing and jobs by replanting or finding other materials to use that can be reusable. And certain ways we use things like how we pollute the air. And if we can find an alternative we can save animals habitats and lives.

  4. Kyleisha says:

    I believe balancing of jobs and housing would consist of people living close together in perhaps something like apartments. Jobs like in West Virginia as working on top of mountains, destroying them for the resources they have inside them is a very helpful job towards the economy considering the money that it brings in, but in the long run it is destroying mother earth as we expand in population, etc. The people in West Virginia are more likely to die of something wrong with their lungs simply because their air quality is horrible due to mountain top removal, as well as the use of lights have to be reduced because every time you turn a light switch on is a mountain top being cut off. If we focus on not putting minority people specifically, away from plants and harmful toxins it would be better because people in poverty have it worse by not being able to afford sustainable life such as even water.

  5. Ally says:

    If we focus more on quality over quantity. If we are able to create housing that is more sustainable so a better quality there will not as greater need to keep producing the same buildings but over again because it wasn’t done well enough the first time. In some areas building up is better than building across!

  6. Frank says:

    We could balance them by making some houses have clean energy sources and we the government could help build some of the houses. The government could also help by providing clean energy to houses that could not afford it.

  7. Raegan says:

    Due to the increasing population, more and more housing are needed to provide shelter and jobs for the population. There is, however, also a need to protect the environment. One way urbanization and environmental protection can be balanced is through the creation of new houses while also keeping in mind and maintaining environmental health, open space, and attempting to minimize the impact that the urbanization can have on the environment. Essentially, housing could be built closer together in order to create more land for places like parks, refuges, and other places that will protect and maintain environmental health. This can create an attractive community that can be easily travelled through by foot and by bike, which reduced the use for cars.

  8. matthew says:

    One way to reduce space taken up by housing is by building up and not taking as much ground space. This will allow more people to live in a smaller area. To increase jobs without hurting the environment we could make more outdoor preservation jobs or for office jobs we could also build up and take less space.

  9. Glenn says:

    Maybe in stead of taring down abandoned homes and workplaces we should reuse them like we do with composting. Some old places may need a lot of work but it’ll keep us from using land that is owned by animals. Sometimes people are lazy and don’t want a lot of work and i get that but do keep in mind animals are living things too.

  10. Caden says:

    The best way to balance our basic human needs such as housing with the needs of our planet is to make housing in a way and in certain locations so that we do not do irreversible damage to the soundings and out planet. Jobs are a bit more complicated when it comes to balancing nature and human needs because if you have a entire job industry that is polluting you can’t just fire them all since that would most likely do more damage then good. So the best option would be to either fix the environment at the same rate as the pollution harms it or invent new technology that would stop or reduce the pollution being made.

  11. neal says:

    we cant fix a the balances of hosing cues humans will repopulate and will call for more hosing and jobs that will tack more land to billed on. But we can prolong the environment by having parks or expanding in to spaces so we will need to billed less on earth.

  12. marchello says:

    I think focusing on making both current regular jobs more environmentally friendly and new jobs creating jobs more focused on the environment more popular and accessible to more people and their communities and for housing people should be more cautious of where they are building their houses and what they use to do it as well as probably adding solar energy and more sustainable methods.

  13. hailey says:

    I think in order to balance our needs for housing and jobs while protecting our environment is to start renovating places and buildings that are abandoned since there are so many. So instead of destroying parts of the environment for housing and businesses, we could use those buildings which would make it easier and faster for the people in those areas.

  14. Gaven says:

    A way to balance jobs and protect the environment is to have jobs that pollute a lot less for example regulate factories. A way to balance housing and protect the environment is to have smaller houses. This helps because it uses less energy and it helps the environment more.

  15. Carlito says:

    I guess just getting suitable housing and maybe having things like solar powered. And by suitable I mean like just having the necessary room you need in a house. And maybe for jobs we can have like ones that don’t hurt the environment. Such as like not having deforestation jobs.

  16. Maddox says:

    We can make housing more affordable and have more quality housing options. Jobs can be made for more cleaner energy and hire people that can research this type of energy.

  17. William says:

    To balance our need for the housing and jobs with the environment, we need to create living spaces that will last a long time and be big enough for a lot of people. Another thing we can do is leave our already existing nature alone, we have plenty of flat and empty land that people can build on without harming the forrest or a water source.

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