Global Climate Change

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What are the causes and consequences of a warming Earth?

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  1. alec says:

    The causes of global warming are pollution. The consequences are that ice caps melt making the water level rise. And More forest fires and more hurricanes.

  2. Raegan says:

    Human activity may be one of the main causes of a warming Earth. Activities such as fracking and the use of fossil fuels contribute to the increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, causing the Earth to warm due to the greenhouse gasses blocking Earth’s heat from escaping into space.

    The higher temperatures of a warming Earth cause many natural disasters as well as the worsening of natural disasters such as heat waves, storms, floods, and droughts. The ocean levels will also rise due to the ice on Earth melting in the warmer weather. Overall, a warmer climate changes weather patterns and modifies ecosystems, causing a loss of both animal and plant life, and is a threat to human life as well.

  3. Frank says:

    The causes of a warming climate is because of the greenhouse gases and the consequences would be the water level dropping. Other causes might be humans because of the stuff we do and the cars we drive then that might cause worsening disasters. It can make the disaster worse like heat waves and floods

  4. olivia says:

    Climate change is caused by human activity. Co2 emissions from cars, logging, deforestation, fracking, and the burning of oil are all contributing to the ruin of the Earth’s natural barriers to protect the climate. With the loss of forests due to the need for farm land to feed an over grown human population, we are preventing Co2 being absorbed. Fracking releases methane which is trapped in the atmosphere. Oil burning releases Co2 in to the atmosphere as well. These practices are warming the planet. This is leading to changes in growing seasons which will hurt the worlds food production. It will also lead to warmer oceans, resulting in the melting of glaciers and flooding in coastal cities.

  5. Josh says:

    Some of the causes of global warming are: volcanoes, the sun, cows (all of the cows in the world together create 49.3 million kg of methane each day, thats 18 billion kg a year), and other animals. These rising temperatures can cause the ice caps to melt, which in turn will raise the sea levels, and Florida along with much more land will be lost, along with many animal species.

  6. cyrus says:

    Some causes of global warming are rising levels of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere growing. And another would be mass deforestation around the earth. These trees that are being cut down would be filtering out the carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen cutting down greenhouse gas. And some consequences could range from ocean levels rising, the poles melting, animals losing habitat, drought to name a few.

  7. marchello says:

    Well there are many causes but some of the big ones factories and Cruise ship exhaust and gasses like methane, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide. Some of the ways that these things affect the planet is by melting away the o-zone layer over time and while this obviously effects us it effects the planet in its entirety and can cause changes to entire ecosystems by bringing a species extinction or just causing their environment to become uninhabitable for them.

  8. matthew says:

    The cause of global warming is the diminishing ozone from human activity. The effect this has is a warmer climate. A warmer climate causes ocean levels to rise and that can cause cities to flood.

  9. Maddox says:

    Some causes for the Earth warming are humans have been burning fossil fuels and this causes the earths temperature to rise. Deforestation and raising farm animals both raise the green house gas amount and weakens the ozone layers in our atmosphere. The consequences of these causes are certain areas/environments will be changed forever.

  10. Caden says:

    One big thing that would effect many people is rising oceans. This would affect many people since rising water even if it is just a couple of feet it could still flood many places that are at or a little lower than sea level wiping out cities and towns. One other really big thing that could happen because of global warming is the warming itself. So stuff like ecosystems changing species going extinct and massive food loss for humans. Some causes of climate change are things as obvious as driving a car which releases harmful exhaust into the atmosphere which can cause heat from the sun to become trapped in the atmosphere otherwise known as the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect can also happen from something as common as water vapor which is becoming more and more prevalent in the atmosphere as the Earth heats up and vaporizing water.

  11. Carlito says:

    Some causes of global warmth is the use of natural gas and the burning of coal. The effects could be hotter days or heavier rainfall and making the ocean warmer. And I am also pretty sure that it affects the glaciers some how and it causes rising sea levels.

  12. Ally says:

    As the earth warms everything that resides on earth is impacted. Humans are the main contributor to this problem, as we cut down forests, increase fossil fuel burning we are directly causing global warming.
    Global warming and global climate change is a major issue that a lot of the time isn’t taken as seriously in the media , spreading knowledge and ways that we as people can help are the first steps to change.

  13. Kyleisha says:

    Green house gases are a big reason to why we even have global warming, as it contributes to the toxins in the air as well as health worsening in humans. Drought is one consequence to global warming since the temperatures increasing causes the place to be more drier, less rain is going down, water resources are going scarce. Global warming being caused by the carbon dioxide from green house gases, humans contribute to it by driving their cars too, overall it makes storms worse by adding or subtracting rain, more hurricanes, more droughts, etc.

  14. hailey says:

    One of the main causes of a warming earth are human activities. Human activities such as burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gas, increasing the amount of heat-trapping gasses in the atmosphere. Another activity would be deforestation. Cutting down trees, leads them to rot which releases carbon dioxide.

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