COVID-19 and You

How has COVID-19 impacted you or your family? How has COVID-19 impacted your community? (These are the last questions on the Peardeck slide show. If you have answered on there just copy your answers on to here. If you haven’t answered on the slide answering on here will count for both.)

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  1. Marla says:

    COVID-19 has impacted me by giving me a lot of time to focus on myself and made it so that I spent a lot of time with my family. COVID-19 has impacted my community because there was not as many events happening that usually brings the community together, such as powwows or sport events.

  2. Raegan says:

    COVID has messed with schooling a ton, and some of the changed that it has brought about are very confusing or don’t work very well for me personally or my family, as these changes have affected my parent work schedules, having to take less hours. With COVID, many events we may have previously held are no longer happening due to safety reasons related to COVID.

  3. Nick says:

    I’m mostly at home but that doesn’t bother me because I can relax and have a quiet space to work without having to be stressed out going place to place everyday. We can’t go to some certain places to eat inside, just mainly pickup. Some of our events are that we usually do end up being cancelled because of COVID.

  4. Josh says:

    COVID has effected my family and I similarly to everyone else’s, we’ve spent a lot more time together with my parents, can’t see extended family especially grandparents. And for me it’s the same as that, more time spent alone. had to figure out more and more elaborate ways to entertain myself during the quarantine too.

  5. Samus says:

    The only thing that really changed was school and work.

  6. Kaydon says:

    The things that have changed is that I’m at home a lot more now and I have school on the computer

  7. kenyon says:

    covid has made life harder because everyone is so distance work is low on staff so I’m there longer, plus the distance makes me nervous to go out in public because I’ve been inside so much. my family is inside more but now its winter there more to do outside like ice fishing, but there’s less traveling me and my family usually do in the winter.

  8. Ally says:

    COVID-19 has caused our family to be more cautious around the elderly in our family because of their compromised immune systems. As a community I feel like people are also more cautious just in general, not as many people out at the same time.

  9. Kyleisha says:

    Covid-19 impacted my family by allowing us to travel a lot less, we usually go somewhere in the summer, we still went on our new years trip but it really decreased our site-seeing that we love doing. My grandpa drives bus for the school, and he is in his 70s so it was stressful for him trying to figure out ways to be more cautious when coming home as well as delivering meals plus homework to child. Covid-19 has impacted my community by making us to be more enclosed, in the summer and onto the fall, my reservation had border patrol which meant that only members could get in, I didn’t mind that at all because personally I think it should be like that 24/7 due to the past.

  10. neal says:

    what masks a Covid-19 death a Covid-19 death. like if i die with Covid-19 but did not die from Covid-19 would that count as a Covid-19 death. in other word my filmy is missive and not one that i know about die from it yet or has it.

  11. alec says:

    Covid-19 Has impacted my family by making us not allow people in the house that I would like to see. It has also impacted me by not allowing me to go to a friends house when he invited me. It also impacted my community by having groceries brought to your car.

  12. Jestin says:

    Covid 19 has made our family stop doing family traditions like Christmas and Thanksgiving, I haven’t even been able to spend the night at any cousins because of covid. At first everything was open then after a short time everything was closed because we were scared, who knows why they opened all the stuff back, this was a time before the vaccine and they were opening back up shops.

  13. Jasmine says:

    covid-19 has caused my family to be more cautious around our elders and stay away from people we don’t need to see and stay home a lot more. It has affected my community by keeping people home more than they used to be and most people are being more safe to protect the people more at risk..

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