17 thoughts on “First Friday Post!

  1. One thing I really appreciate about my family and friends is always knowing one way or another I’m loved. Another thing is that I know that they will always be there for me when I need it. And the last thing is that I can always feel like I’m trusted in a way.

  2. I really appreciate how my sister is always there for me and that my moms friend listens to me while I talk,another thing is I really like how my one friend is there when I need them.

  3. the first thing that i love about my family is them always being there for me. The second thing is that my mom is always so nice and kind to me. And the third thing is that i like having a sister.

  4. The first thing that I appreciate my family for is how they are nice to me. The second thing I appreciate about my family is that they live close.
    The third thing that I appreciate about my family is how I don’t really get a chance to be bored.

  5. I really love that my family is always there for me. The second thing I love about my family is that they are always willing to help. And then the third thing I love about my family is that they are supportive no matter what.

  6. One thing I appreciate about my family is that, they always have fun things to do and your never bored, the events were have every year, and how they all nearby.
    another thing is they’re always there for you.

  7. -My friends help me when I’m struggling with something.
    -My family and I can joke around with each other a lot.
    -My friends make me laugh a lot and they boost my ego.

  8. i appreciate my friends because they make me laugh.
    And they make fun of me if a friendly way and i do it back and its fun.
    They are currently laughing at me because im bad it spelling at need their help

  9. I cant say a lot about friends because honestly, i’m not very close with people who i consider my friend for personal reasons but two specific family members of mine have always supported and treated me like a person, even when no one else would and that’s why i love them.

  10. 1. They have supported most if not all of my endeavors in life so far

    2. They keep me and each other entertained

    3. They help me try out more new things

  11. My brother and sister in law are really chill and fun to hang out with
    , my mum is awesome and really cares about my siblings and i, and my dad works really hard to provide for us.

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