Differences Between Groups

How does it make you feel when you read about the disparities (differences) between groups when it comes to the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths? Dig down a little bit and write at least three sentences.

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  1. Raegan says:

    It makes me sad because the disparities between white people and people of color are very unfair. People of color were put at a major disadvantage due to previous events that occurred in history that still affect them to this day, and that is clear to see within these Covid-19 case and death disparities. I think that if the government and U.S. citizens had taken the virus more seriously, then there would be a lost less Covid-19 cases, and many would still be alive.

  2. Samus says:

    I don’t know how it makes me feel but, it’s weird seeing the big differences in the amount of people who got sick/died between people and where they live/ what they do. Like the article was saying, some people have essential jobs and have to go to work or they live in an area that does not take the right precautions to stay safe. So that probably goes into why there are more deaths upon different people.

  3. Kyleisha says:

    It makes me feel dim because some of the minority groups are my race; Native American. Not only us have high percentages of cases/deaths but as well as African Americans/people of color. Most of the reason being that the resources aren’t good, and don’t have money to even get to a hospital. All minority groups should have access to the same resources as everyone else so the cases wouldn’t be as high as they are or even more equal.

  4. Jasmine says:

    reading about the number of cases between different groups made me feel sad because of the lack of resources for them, when it comes to a very widespread pandemic i think that everyone should have the same resources and masks ans tests need to be more available to people who cant afford them.. i think masks need to be enforced more to protect the people who have less resources and to protect the elders from the virus. the people in power need to do something about the lack of resources for certain people so the number of cases lessens.

  5. alec says:

    It makes me sad to see the disparities between white and colored people. And the difference in sick and dead for white and colored people is big. And if people took Covid-19 seriously we would have a lot less deaths and cases.

  6. Jestin says:

    The differences between the groups make me feel bad for the other people of different skin colors. More people of color like natives and hispanics are getting covid 19 worse than white people, this affects me because I am native and have two siblings of color. I’m also worried about how this affects my community and friends.

  7. Nick says:

    It makes me feel bad that there are differences between the social classes and racial groups in the response to the pandemic. The rich are more likely to have access to better medication and have less health problems. The poor are more likely to have health conditions to make them more vulnerable to the pandemic and they have less access to medical care. The rich are more likely to get treated with the vaccine than people of color or lower social class.

  8. Kaydon says:

    It makes me hopeful for the future in which maybe the colored people will get better health options, and options in general. The differences between the number of cases and deaths between white and colored people is alarming.This also makes me sad that there are differences between the treatment and opportunities in the U.S during a pandemic.

  9. shayde says:

    It makes me kinda depressed and Upset Because the number of Covid cases were getting, and it’s decreasing the population of the world and its getting decreased everyday and people are becoming unhealthy because they are old and sick

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