Teening Your Parent

What is one thing you wish your parents understood better about teens? What is one thing you learned in the Teening Your Parent resource? (At least one complete sentence for each question.)

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  1. Raegan says:

    Despite being teens at one point, i think parents need to pay more attention to their child’s mental health and self-image as the teen brain grows and develops. These two factors can tell the parent if their child needs help, whether it be support or treatment. I do understand that many parents may be hesitant or unwilling to admit that their child may have a mental illness or disorder, as they may feel it reflects upon their parenting or that they are not equip enough financially to deal with it, but listening to your child and helping them in whatever way possible is important for them and their mental health.

    I learned how differently teenagers lives have been over centuries, and how that change has come with new societal normalities as well as new advancements in things such as technologies and education have developed. These new developments brought about different ways for teenagers to live, grow, and connect with others, as people went from treating their children as adults to nurturing them and providing things such as an education to them. I found this the most interesting because event though I knew parenting had differed throughout time, I never really considered HOW extreme or polar those differences were.

  2. Sami says:

    I wished my parents understood that just because we are doing online school, doesn’t mean we have the time in our day to do a bunch of other things. One thing I learned is that teen’s say that more than half (64%) of their behavior is influenced by music.

  3. alec says:

    I wish my parents understood why I like to be alone and talk to people through computer. One thing I learned is that 92% of teenagers say they were influenced by the way the were raised.

  4. Kenyon says:

    something I learned during reading some of this is that teenagers often try to fit into these stereotypical boxes when trying to finding the identity that fits them and trying to fit into this box isn’t a perfect fit because its “too one dimensional”. think of your self is complex and you don’t want to be that but the complex is what we all are because we can’t be perfect. After all, humans can’t be perfect, and trying to find who we are taking a long time and it’s a long process. One thing that I wish parents understood about teens is that there’s only so much stress a person can handle that too much can take such an effect on a brain and because as it piles and you’re expected to do all these things It makes you feel like you failed but in reality there’s was so much you could accomplish and just because you cant finish doesn’t mean you’re a failure or you failed. I wish that they understood that a person can only juggle so many things and it’s not like we are robots that can juggle tons of things.

  5. Jasmine says:

    I wish the parents understood that teens are more than just their grades. Grades do not establish the students worth or how much success they will attain in their lifetime.
    I learned that one in five people will develop a mental illness in their teen years. the most common mental disorder in adolescents is a depressive disorder. there are different depressive disorders but they all have the same core components (persistent sadness, emptiness, irritable mood, and changes in the way you think and act).

  6. Kaydon says:

    I wish my parent understood how hard online school is. I learned that 64% of teenagers say that they are influenced in their behavior by music.

  7. shayde says:

    I wish they would listen to me better but she doesen’t listen and goes by her rules. The thing i learned about it was that if you listen to your parnets you may have a better chance of not getting punished

  8. Marla says:

    I wish my parents would understand that I can understand them with a lower tone and that raising their voice makes me freak out. One thing I learned was that teenagers lives are 7% more influenced by their mom than their dad.

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