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Post something that stood out for you from today’s talk with Kaija. It could be something you learned, a question that came to you after the talk, something you found really important, etc. If you don’t want to post it publically you can email it to Jennifer.

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  1. Kyleisha says:

    Something that stood out for me in the talk with Kaija is that even if she had a mom and dad most of her life, it impacted her when her father left very negatively. Although she had a family until she got to senior year, it still made her depressed, I compared that to me because I didn’t have my biological mom or dad growing up and our situations were different in how we dealt with the hurt. As well as her holding in her emotions for a long time reminded myself of me due to not wanting to share your feelings.

  2. Raegan says:

    I think that the range of effects and feelings that depression produces is very interesting, as it can very in intensity from person to person. I know many people that close to me have depression, and when they have told me their experiences, i notice that each one differs from the rest. I noticed it with this one as well, and I think it truly shows the uniqueness of each individual and their brain. I also found it very insightful when she described why exactly she self-harmed as well as her thoughts of suicide.

  3. Samus says:

    What stood out to me was how open she was to sharing her story and that she wasn’t like embarrassed to talk about it, because most of the time people think its embarrassing to share their story so they don’t speak about it.

  4. shayde says:

    She had the best parents in her life, she supported her friends and she care about them but when Kaija was lonely her friends did not support her, and when she was little she had her mom read her bedtime stories

  5. Ally says:

    I admire her strength to talk about this subject like she did. You can feel her endearing spirit even through the screen. I’m glad she’s at a better place now. Thank you!

  6. Jasmine Wade says:

    I found that the way that she described how depression can get better even if it’s the most terrible time of your life and, that even one person can change everything for someone suffering by being kind and showing they care was important.

  7. Jestin Lord says:

    It was terrible what she went through but she couldn’t stop thinking about that, I have an almost similar anxiety but not as bad of where I want to hurt myself. I can relate to her in a way but also not really, I’m just glad she was comfortable with talking about it to a class, I know I would not be that confident.

  8. neal says:

    I can somewhat relate but not a lot cuz I never cared about anything and it made me have anxiety in socialising. I will do what I need to do but not talk because my head feels completely spast out every time I try to socialise.

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