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  1. My favorite thing to do outside is to cross country ski. I also like to roller ski when there is no snow for cross country skiing. I love biking with my dad as well.

  2. I would say that my favorite thing to do outside is walk or kayak because I love to take my time and look at Mother Nature and all her details (while she is still here and in her condition) and I love to be on the lake!

  3. My favorite things to do outside are walk with my family, play basketball with my cousins if I’m at their house, chop wood and start fires.

  4. I really enjoy being outside, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. I love cross country skiing and biking, fishing, gardening, and hanging out with my cows.

  5. i tried this a second ago and i dont think it posted, so again, just sitting outside when its nice out (like 60 degrees). doing nothing. just there.

  6. My favorite thing to do outside is to think about what other great questions I may think of. Like when I had thought about a few great jokes, that I won’t go into detail about. Also when I was in one of these thinking sessions, I had thought about solutions to questions I have had in the past.

  7. My favorite thing to do outside is ride a 4 wheeler in the woods. I like to do it because the wildlife is amazing in the woods. Last time i went out i saw a deer run in front of me.

  8. Usually I just walk around but somedays when I feel in a good mood I sit by a tree and attempt to play the harmonica to annoy my neighbors.

  9. My favorite thing to do outside is skiing. I don’t ski alot, but when I do Its pretty enjoyable to ski on the big hills, except for crashing. Also the school trip to buena vista is pretty fun.

  10. My favorite thing to do outside is go on walks. I like go on walks because it helps me calm me down after having a hard day. I also like to go swimming on hot days. My favorite place to go swimming is at Grace Lake.

  11. My favorite thing to do outside is to take walks, especially now that summer is over and it is no longer really hot outside, walks are back to being very relaxing.

  12. I have different things I like to do depending on the season. In the winter I like to snowmobile, i enjoy snowmobiling because of the scenery and the wind blowing on my face. In the fall I like to be outside because the bugs are starting to go away the trees are turning and its just a great place to be. in the spring and summer I don’t really have a set thing i like to do other then bike, I love biking its such adrenaline rush.

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