Halloween Career Webquest

Of all of the STEM careers you researched which one would you be most interested in for yourself? (You need to choose one even if none of them are the thing you absolutely want to do after high school.) Give at least two reasons why you chose that job (and remember, money can NOT buy happiness!)

20 Responses

  1. Lukas says:

    If I could choose any of the careers, I would choose chemistry, because I could have fun experimenting and become a super villain.

  2. Nolan says:

    I would want to be a crime scene investigator because it would be cool to find out how criminals work. As well as how to stop them and be smart enough to figure out who did it.

  3. reid says:

    I would want to be a crime scene investigator. I could look at crimes and blame people for them.

  4. Nia says:

    I would choose physics because I think it’s a fascinating subject. I really like physics and chemistry and would like to understand it better, and experiment with it.

  5. Aiden says:

    I want to be a drone pilot because of the salary and I like flying drones.

  6. Liana says:

    I would want to be a chemical engineer because they create and improve medication. You would learn more stuff about medication as well.

  7. LONI says:

    I’d wanna be a Cyber Security Analyst, because in the video I watched about them, they said that only a small percentage of employees at google are even required to walking into the server rooms. The job also seems cool when you know what you’re doing. Plus they wear funny hats and can skate around during work hours sooo.

    blehhhhh 😛

  8. emanuel says:

    I wanna be a soil scientist so I can modify dirt to have different colors without any of the downsides to have the goofiest lawn imaginable.

  9. Tianna says:

    I would choose to be a Forensic biochemist. It thinks it’s cool and all the technology involved seems interesting.All the machines and stuff you see on tv.You might get to learn about crime as well.I wanna be like Abby from the tv show NCIS if i was going to be a Forensic biochemist that would be kinda cool.

  10. Maliah says:

    I would want to be a crime scene investigator. So I can figure out how things were done and stop the person.

  11. Logan says:

    I would be a Chemical Engineer because I want to make chemicals and they pay well.

  12. Ezra says:

    i would be a chemist because it would decently be interesting and i could make some sort of potion that makes people do whatever i tell them and then i could take over the planet

  13. Mariah says:

    honestly i’d most likely pick the animal scientist. Because it just feels like a cool job to do, also i love animals and what they do for us humans.

  14. mitchell says:

    I would be a drone pilot. it would be super fun and I could find different ways to use the drone for jobs. Maybe even the military.

  15. carter says:

    I want to be a drone pilot so I can spy on people, and I can drone/air strike people I don’t like

  16. RJ says:

    The herpetologist probably. That would be like one of the most fun jobs to have. I would get to be around snakes and lizards. What more could I need?

  17. olivia says:

    I would have to pick a crime scene investigator. and the 2 reasons i would pick a crime scene investigator number 1 is they can see some cool things there and i honestly think that it could be kinda fun.

  18. Jakai says:

    I would probably like to be a drone pilot because it’s cool flying around and I could be like those guys on YouTube that zoom around with drones and do cool stunts!

  19. Katrina says:

    I think I would want to be a crime scene investigator because I believe it would be fun to try to solve a crime.I think that it would also be fun testing out your brain to see what it knows while investigating a certain crime> You would also get to blame someone for committing a crime because you figured out he person who committed the crime.

  20. izailya says:

    If I were to pick a career to work for I would definitely pick to be a crime scene investigator. It would be interesting to try and solve something major, and to help figure It out. And once you finish solving It maybe you could feel a sense of relief and maybe a reason to be proud of something.

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