Volcano! Assignment Choices

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In the Reply section please list the volcano you are choosing for the Volcano! project. Make sure your spelling is correct–if it’s not and someone else chooses that volcano and spells it correctly they get it!

36 Responses

  1. Aiden says:


  2. Nolan says:

    I want Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai

  3. Tianna says:

    I would like to do Mount Saint Helens

  4. Liana says:


  5. emanuel says:

    I want to do barrier.

  6. Lukas says:

    The volcano I wish to research is called Fuego, it is located in the beautiful country of Guatemala.

  7. izailya says:

    Pavlof is the volcano I want to do

  8. Ezra mr says:

    i like McDonald Islands and its in Australia.

  9. Mariah says:

    Mauna Kea in hawaii

  10. lillie says:


  11. Jazmine says:

    can i do little sitkin volcano

  12. LONI says:

    Vulcano, Italy

  13. Nia says:


  14. reid says:

    Can I do Semisopochnoi?

  15. jonah says:

    abu japan?

  16. Katrina says:

    I’m going to do Adatara.

  17. Tashauna says:


  18. joey says:

    Mauna Loa Hawaii

  19. shellbee says:


  20. carter says:

    I would like to do Taal Volcano
    Lake in the Philippines.

  21. Jakai says:

    Can I do “Kick ’em Jenny” ?

  22. olivia says:

    can i do Aso in Japan

  23. calvin says:

    Kell Russia

  24. mitchell says:


  25. hannah says:

    Irazú Volcano

  26. Anthony says:

    Fuss peak

  27. trinity auginash says:

    i would like to do barren island

  28. Logan says:


  29. Kyo says:

    Azufre in Chile

  30. dominic says:

    I want to research Krakatoa.

  31. akira says:

    santa maria

  32. Maliah says:

    Mount Fuji, Japan

  33. David says:

    I’m gonna do Mount Adams in the Indian Heaven Volcanic field.

  34. Riley💀🔥 says:

    I want to do the Ebeko volcano on the Kuril islands in russia

  35. drea says:

    I wanna do Pico in Portugal

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