Adult Brain vs. Teen Brain

     Image: Harvard Magazine

Now that you’ve learned about the different regions of the brain and what they do, I want you to start thinking about how your brain and my brain might be different. I want you to name a lobe of the brain that you think might be different in teen brains and adult brains and give a reason why you think that.

For example (I’ll use my cats): I think that my cats’ cerebellum and brainstem are smaller (less developed) than mine (relative in size to the rest of the brain) because sometimes they are really clumsy and fall off of things and that part of the brain controls movement.

So think about how teenagers and adults act differently and make a possible connection to differences in brain development!

Thoughts on Speaker

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How to Spend the Money?

Sometimes people say that the United States shouldn’t spend money on space exploration when we have so many problems in our country that the money could be used for. Based on what you’ve learned about solar storms do you think this would be a worthwhile issue to spend money on, knowing that if we spend it on studying solar storms that means we can’t spend it on other things? Why or why not? Answer in at least two complete sentences.