How to Spend the Money?

Sometimes people say that the United States shouldn’t spend money on space exploration when we have so many problems in our country that the money could be used for. Based on what you’ve learned about solar storms do you think this would be a worthwhile issue to spend money on, knowing that if we spend it on studying solar storms that means we can’t¬†spend it on other things? Why or why not? Answer in at least two complete sentences.

COVID-19 and You

How has COVID-19¬† impacted you or your family? How has COVID-19 impacted your community? (These are the last questions on the Peardeck slide show. If you have answered on there just copy your answers on to here. If you haven’t answered on the slide answering on here will count for both.)

Health 2021!

Welcome to High School Health class! This class tends to be interesting, fun, and relevant to the lives of many teenagers. Of the following topics, which one are you most interested in learning about?

  • mental health
  • nutrition
  • the teen brain
  • addiction
  • relationships

Rain Forest Location

trail winding through sword ferns under trees with draperies of long green epiphytes hanging from branches

Image: National Park Service

Why is there a rain forest in the Pacific Northwest of the United States? Write a paragraph (at least three sentences) in your own words describing how the regional climate of the Pacific Northwest is affected by factors that include the Cascade Mountains, location near the Pacific Ocean, and the jet stream.