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Volcano Update #2

What is happening with your volcano?! Check to see if it has had any activity, and if not give us at least two pieces of information about your volcano. Please write at least two sentences.

Volcano Update #1

Image: National Park Service   Introduce us to your volcano! Give us at least three pieces of information about it such as where it is located, when it last erupted, how tall it is, what kind of plate boundary it is on, etc.

Volcano! Assignment Choices

Shutterstock In the Reply section please list the volcano you are choosing for the Volcano! project. Make sure your spelling is correct–if it’s not and someone else chooses that volcano and spells it correctly they get it!

Halloween Career Webquest

Of all of the STEM careers you researched which one would you be most interested in for yourself? (You need to choose one even if none of them are the thing you absolutely want to do after high school.) Give at least two reasons why you chose that job (and remember, money can NOT buy […]

Moon Memories

Image: NASA What is a memory you have that involves the moon? It could be a time you were out at night and noticed a full moon, a story someone told you about the moon, reading the book Goodnight Moon when you were little… Write at least three complete sentences, including a capital letter at […]

How to Spend the Money?

Sometimes people say that the United States shouldn’t spend money on space exploration when we have so many problems in our country that the money could be used for. Based on what you’ve learned about solar storms do you think this would be a worthwhile issue to spend money on, knowing that if we spend […]