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Climate Change and Population Ecology

What is a connection you can make between the chapter we just finished (Climate Change) and the one we’re starting (Population Ecology)? In other words, how does climate change affect populations of organisms, communities, or ecosystems? Please be specific with what organism. community or ecosystem you are discussing.

What Would You Say?

If you could spend five minutes talking to leaders of the world’s countries what is one question you would ask them about climate change and what is one thing you would want them to understand about it? Indicate if these are leaders of developed countries (wealthier) or developing (poorer).

Climate Change Effects

Image: NASA What impact from climate change that you’ve read about do you think will have the most impact on you? Explain why you chose that one. Responses should be at least three sentences and include a capital letter at the beginning of the sentences. punctuation at the end of the sentences. correct spelling of […]

Climate Change Effects Here

Image: ClimaRisk Based on the handout “Impacts of Climate Change” what would you predict would be two or three effects that we may see here in northern Minnesota if the global temperature keeps rising?

Personal Choices and Climate Change

Identify two ways that your choices and actions affect climate change and what they do. Remember, choices can affect it in a positive or negative way. For example, I grow many of my own vegetables so that less of my food has to be trucked in. This reduces the CO2 emitted through burning fossil fuels. […]