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Ode to Bon Jovi

When my friend Deb and I would run together, whenever we got to the halfway point in a run or a race we would belt out the chorus to Bon Jovi’s hit, “Living on a Prayer.” (If you don’t know the song you should look it up on YouTube from the rock you must be living […]

A bright, shiny new year!

So here we go–my 11th year teaching and second year blogging with my students. I’m hoping to refine my skills this year to make this a more useful tool for students and more interesting for others who check it out. Keep checking back and let me know what you think!

Challenge Projects

Some of our 8th graders worked on a Challenge Project as part of our Astronomy Unit. I will be posting the results of these projects here. Good job! The Places With Water Suitable For Human Life BY- Kaydon Wind-xln8no