Science in 2020-2021


If you’ve ever been tubing, kayaking, canoeing, or rafting sometimes there are parts of the river ahead that you can’t see clearly. While this can be exciting it can also be a bit scary at times–that whole unknown thing. Is it going to be more of a riffle than a rapid? Are you going to be able to confidently navigate it? Or are you going to swamp and end up swimming?

The times we are in feel like river running to me, although without any of the fun adrenaline thrill that often goes with it. It is hard to know what to expect in the coming months–we don’t have a clear view of what’s ahead. But we will work to stand together, help each other out, and do the best paddling we can. It really is ALL we can do.

Stay safe, my wonderful students, and let’s do some science.