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How do ocean currents affect us here in Northern Minnesota?

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  1. Matrix says:

    As you said in class Jennifer, we did talk about how the ocean currents effect the hot and cool air, but we aren’t as close to the ocean as say California, so the currents might not effect us the same way. Do they still have some effect? I think so, but on a smaller scale than that. If there were strong enough currents we’d feel it for sure.

    • Laura says:

      I like how you incorporated the class discussion into your answer. Have you found any evidence that suggests that the currents have any effect on Minnesota?

  2. Shayne says:

    Ocean currents don’t affect us at all here in Minnesota. Because we are more than 1,000 miles away from the nearest ocean. Also, it doesn’t effect Minnesota because we aren’t near the equator

  3. Kaeden says:

    Ocean currents affect Northern Minnesota because ocean currents maintain the occurrence of weather either it is warm in Africa and cold in new jersey, it affects weather all around the world. This might not affect Minnesota as much as a coastal state it still affects the weather everywhere on earth.

  4. Carlito says:

    It doesn’t affect us that much because we are far from the ocean.
    Why, do you think they do?

    • Jessilyn says:

      Yes, it doesn’t affect us but could you explain more on why it doesn’t and why we are far from the ocean?

  5. Zane says:

    I don’t believe that Northern Minnesota would be affected by ocean currents. Mostly because of the fact that Minnesota is not within a 1,000 miles to the nearest ocean.

  6. Blake says:

    How do ocean currents affect us here in Northern Minnesota? They affects us because of the where we are located we don’t get the warmth from the Gulf Stream current. Instead of getting a warm current we get a colder current as a result from the North Pacific current which pushes cold air from Canada down into the U.S.

  7. Jessilyn says:

    Minnesota is far away from the nearest ocean and will not be affected by it’s ocean currents. Another reason would be the Water evaporates when it is heated and it begins to condense as vapor in the atmosphere and it turns into clouds of the water vapor and it will eventually rain. Water evaporates from everywhere: streams, lakes, puddles, and the ocean. Mostly the Ocean, since it covers most of the earth’s surface.The temperature of the Ocean and Ocean currents effects the rate at which this evaporation can occur, and because of the movement of air from hot to cool areas, you wind up with storm fronts that move across the country, and cause rain and snow in Minnesota. What will it be like if Minnesota was near the ocean currents?

  8. eejj says:

    I personally think that ocean currents affect us here in Minnesota as much as it would on a coastal state but if it does the changes would be so small that we would not feel it on a daily but only be able to tell over time on weather data.

  9. Shayne says:

    Ocean current’s don’t affect us at all here in Minnesota. Because we are more than 1,000 miles away from the nearest ocean. Also, it doesn’t affect Minnesota because we are not near the equator.

  10. Laura says:

    I would believe that due to being near the middle of the continent, the ocean currents wouldn’t have too much of an impact on Northern Minnesota. One impact in Northern Minnesota that could be due to ocean currents could the overall cool weather.

  11. Dustin says:

    Im not sure how they affect us in Minnesota when we don’t even live by any.

  12. isaac says:

    How do ocean currents affect us in Minnesota? The ocean currents move the warm water around the earth in a continuous cycle. The warm water evaporates and moves into the atmosphere. Then the water moves with the current and the warm water moves towards the poles and the cold water from the poles to the tropics. They wont have the same effect on us as california because we aren’t as close to the ocean as california but it does keep a cooling and warming process.

    • Blake says:

      I like your post because it’s kinda along the lines of what I thought to. How much do you think it would keep an warming and cooling process on us hear in Minnesota?

  13. Isaac says:

    The water that evaporates into the atmosphere and the rotation of the earth would cause the wind and the evaporated water in the atmosphere to move down into Minnesota and cause warming and cooling just like in California or the poles just less dramatic.

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