Week 3 Question

Do you think we should be concerned about species extinction? Explain why or why not in a paragraph (at least four sentences).

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  1. Alec Reiplinger says:

    Yes we should be concerned about species extinction. Because if we aren’t we will end up just killing off species. And most of the animals are endangered. If we kill them off they will never come back.

  2. Kyleisha G says:

    I do think we should be concerned about species extinction, because there are certain animals we get food from. Animals feed off of each other sometimes to live, and we hunt them animals for our tastebuds. Some species exist because of a certain animal bred with another and produced them. Environment issues could possibly appear considering there might not be an animal presence it needs.

  3. Josh says:

    I don’t think that we should be worried about species extinction because it has happened before, and the world is still in one piece. Also we have really good scientists that would probably be able to bring it back if we had some of the organisms DNA.

    • Jennifer says:

      The world is still in one piece (or multiple pieces) but is there a downside to having species going extinct?

      • Josh says:

        Yes, the future generations won’t get to see the beauty of that species. Also we don’t know unintended consequences could come out of it.

  4. matthew says:

    We should be concerned about extinction for some species but not all. If a species that makes a very little impact on earth is going extinct I don’t think it’s a big deal. However if a largely relied on species would start heading towards extinction we should be worried about it. An example would be if cows went extinct we would lose a lot of the food we rely on.

    • Jennifer says:

      I wonder if sometimes we don’t really know what the impact of a species is until it’s gone and then it’s kind of too late. What do you think about this?

      • matthew says:

        I think that can be true but if we don’t realize the impact of a species when its population is healthy or starting to decline it can’t be that huge of an impact.

  5. olivia says:

    Species extinction is very concerning as it can lead to environmental problems, overpopulation, or further extinction. The loss of one species can change the environment that it once inhabited. If this species ate trees, the loss of this species could lead to an overgrown forest. If the extinct species was a predator, the animals or plants that they ate may become overpopulated. If the lost species is one that was relied on as food by other species, their extinction could lead to that of their predators extinction as well.

    • Jennifer says:

      You show a good understanding of how interconnected things are. Do you think there are species that it is OK to lose? (Like mosquitoes? JK)

      • Olivia says:

        No we should not lose mosquitoes because they are food for other organisms. I do understand that extinction is necessary, like the dinosaurs. But we should not let animals and plant species go extinct if we can help it.

  6. Frank says:

    Yes, I think we should be worried because a species extinction leads to a chain of events that could make other species go extinct. So say if a mouse went extinct other animals would also follow later on. It could affect our planet’s food chain and other things that follow. It could also affect plants that need animals to survive.

    • Jennifer says:

      Good job showing how species rely on other species and bringing plants into the equation. Do you think that animal species are more important than plants when it comes to protecting them?

  7. Raegan says:

    Yes, I do believe we should be concerned about species extinction because when a species becomes extinct, it can cause unbalance in an ecosystem. There are other species, whether that be plants or animals, that often rely on another species or multiple species. Often times, the loss or extinction of one species leads to the loss of another. Some species are necessary for the survival of others.

    • Jennifer says:

      Nice job showing the connections between plants and animals. Do you think we should work to protect species that benefit humans before we protect ones that we don’t benefit from?

      • Raegan says:

        No, I don’t think that one species is more important than another when it comes to protecting them from possible extinction. A species may not be important to us, but it can be necessary for the survival of another species or even multiple other species. I believe we should work to protect all species.

  8. Caden says:

    I think we should be concerned about the extinction of animals. When one species among possibly hundreds goes extinct it is not too bad for the environment. But when large amounts of similar species or few species among only a couple of other species in a given area start going extinct for whatever reason is very bad and could easily disrupt or destroy a food web.

  9. Carlito says:

    I believe we should worry about species extinction because there are some cool animals that shouldnt have went extinct. Such as dodos, and sabertooth tigers. But I mean there are still some extinct animals we should be grateful to have been deleted from the world. I dont really know any real reasons why an animal branch should be or not be extinct

  10. cyrus says:

    I think yes we should be concerned about a certain species extinction because it would shut all doors to future test and experiments to whatever cause. And if something were to go extinct it may cause others to suffer as well. If something like a seal were to go extinct than it would also make the polar bear suffer or maybe even go extinct because that is apart of the polar bears main diet.

  11. marchello says:

    I think that we are not in any serious need to be concerned about the threat of extinction constantly as the chance of our species going extinct is inevitable someday. Altho I still do think making sure that we prolong that is important with issues like global warming and a shortage of resources and possibly war or disease. While these are all possible and in some cases ongoing problems I do not think it is something that we currently have to be all hands on deck for and focus on entirely as i assume for the time being we will get through most things one way or another.

  12. Maddox says:

    I think we should be concerned about species extinction. Animals are of more importance than we realize and if some of them died off that would cause a world of hurt for the other organisms that depend on it. Our lives would change drastically if we had say for example cows or pigs go extinct we would run out of all the meat that comes from them eventually. We would have to find another animal to get meat from.

  13. Ally says:

    We as humans are the main contributor to the extinction of certain species. We destroy habitats by clearing out forests, polluting waters, developing infrastructure. It is important to find effective ways to not kill entire species in the process of doing something else. As well as making policy that prohibits hunting or destruction of a species.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, humans are a big reason for many extinctions. Do you think that laws are needed to make changes or could we just educate people so they understand the importance of not destroying species?

      • Ally says:

        I think both are important. If we make laws but do not educate people on why they are important the laws may be disregarded and there will be no change.

      • Ally Dickinson says:

        I think both are important. If we make laws but do not educate people on why they are important the laws may be disregarded and there will be no change.

  14. glenn says:

    Yes, Because if one species of animals gets hunted to the point of male to female ratio is imbalanced that can cause extinction or make it hard for said animal to find a mate.

  15. hailey says:

    Yes, we should be concerned about species extinction. If one species ceased to exist, then another would follow affecting the ecosystems which us humans and animals depend on. For example, bees help keep our crops alive by pollination. Without them, humans and animals would struggle to survive.

    • Jennifer says:

      Bees are a great example of a species that is struggling. Why do you think people don’t do more to help them survive?

  16. neal says:

    if the top predator on the foods can go extinct it will have an effect on the ecosystem and it may become over population by unther speeches that have no pediter.

  17. Gaven says:

    We should very well be concerned with species extinction because if a species does end up extinct and their was another animal species that relied on the species that went extinct for food it could end up having a great effect on other species around it. The economy around it if it also depended on that species could start to get worse and other species that are in said economy might have to go else where if the economy gets bad enough.

  18. allyssa says:

    I think we should definitely be concerned about the extinction of other species because of the manner in which humans consume. The rates of which humans consume species like cows or fruits and vegetables and trees is high, and without these resources we wouldn’t have access to food with limited oxygen. It would be in our best interest to moderate our consumption and monitor the populations of other species.

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