Teen Brain Thoughts

What is one thing that you learned from the video on the teen brain that you learned that you think is important for other people to know, and why do you think they should know it?

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  1. alec says:

    I learned that sleeping helps your brain remember things. They should know that because its important to know that sleeping helps you remember things.

  2. Nick says:

    I learned that thinking certain things makes the brain bigger and yawning is waking up your brain in the morning. I think this is important to know because when you yawn you’ll be ready for day and learn new stuff.

  3. Samus says:

    I learned that your brain controls everything, and the rest of you works under it. This is important for people to know because its a cool fact and very interesting.

  4. Marla says:

    I learned that the brain has over a billion nerves and that taking music lessons helps your brain organize things. This is important for people to know because it will help people be more aware about how important the brain is and know that things can effect your brain without it being physical.

  5. Kenyon says:

    I learned that the brain is fully grown at 18 and that the brain is about 3 pounds and is about 3/4 water. I also learned that music helps organize the brain. this is important so people know how the brain works learning how the brain works is important for understanding how your mind works, and how it works together with your body.

  6. Raegan says:

    I learned that brain organization can be improved by listening to music, which is important because it can aid someone in terms of mental organization or mental health improvement.

    • Raegan says:

      This makes me want to listen to more music in my free time, I could use better brain organization. 🙂

  7. Kyleisha says:

    One thing I learned is that laughing uses 5 parts of our brain, after producing 70,000 thoughts a day- laughing is getting rid a stress. I think it is important to know that our brain uses 5 parts to help us laugh because nowadays people need laughter after being around negativity, or depression, or being scrammed with work. Even if your brain is filled with how much work you need to have done, or a death in the family, it will always work to cause laughter for happiness.

  8. Jasmine says:

    i learned that yawning wakes up the brain, this is important to know because its a cool fact and could be useful to someone

  9. vinny says:

    i learned that when you sleep it helps you remember things and helps your memory, i also learned that you use 5 parts of your brain to laugh. i never knew that, we also think to about 70,000 thoughts a day, that’s crazy.

  10. Duran says:

    I learned that music lessons can help you organize your brain, and I listen to music almost all of the time. It’s important for people to know about that because it can possibly help someone become better at organizing their brain and cause them to feel better and become more focused.

  11. Ally says:

    I learned that the brain has more than 70,000 thoughts a day. I think that’s really interesting because some days I feel like there’s nothing going on in my head, like I’m in a daze all day but truly I do think a lot. This helps people because some days you don’t get a lot done but knowing that your brain is constantly moving is a check off the to-do list.

  12. shayde berkel says:

    when you hit your teenage years your brain becomes advanced so when you get out of school you will understand those things in your head

  13. shayde says:

    I learned that your brain becomes more advanced when you get older and i think its important to let people know that your brain becomes more advanced. Why i think its better to let people know Because when you bump into a friend someday its better to tell them your brain gets advanced when you get older

  14. Jestin says:

    The teen brain goes through a lot of upgrades during their teenage years, The brain thinks faster and better. Your brain is capable of a lot, if you tried to power a lightbulb with a brain, it would work.

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